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I ordered 4 tires before I left for work today,


I ordered 4 tires before I left for work today, with the intention of picking them up during lunchtime. The order was confirmed with a pickup time after 9:20 am today. At 11:30 (2 hours AFTER pickup was supposed to be available) I receive an email stating that the order is DELAYED until the 11th of next month! My bank was already charged for these tires this morning, and there were other people DEPENDING on me, to bring tires to them, today, but Walmart says that I have to wait TWO weeks, without offering ANY options!

I could have ordered tires online from California, and received them in 3 days!
There are at least 100 stores here in Memphis which sell tires, but since Walmart already took my money without having the product, I have little option today, but to spend ANOTHER $300 of MY money, and wait until they get done playing foolish games, to get my money refunded!

NEVER AGAIN... I am THROUGH with WalMart!



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