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I purchased a trampoline online through


I purchased a trampoline online through for my grand daughters December 6, 2016.(Order # 6121652-569330) Unfortunately, my son and daughter-in-law did not think the girls were old enough yet and requested I return it. I tried to return the item which was in it's original carton and had not been opened to my local Walmart store. I was told they could not accept the item there and that the item had to be returned to BEST CHOICE PRODUCTS. I was given their phone number (844-948-8400). I was told that I would need a RETURN ATHOURIZATION NUMBER from their customer service department before I could return the item. I have called their customer service depart several times and have been place on hold by an automated system for over 30 minutes each time. I NEED HELP. I AM VERY DISAPPOINTED THAT WALMART.COM WOULD EVEN HAVE BUSINESS TIES WITH A COMPANY THAT TREATS CUSTOMERS IN SUCH A WAY.



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