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I received a $200.00 dollar gift card debit card


I received a $200.00 dollar gift card debit card for Christmas from my daughter and the card when i opened it looked scratched on the strip on the back and the front looked scratched up also. I have tried several times to activate the card but it keeps telling me its an invalided card number.. now how can I get this resolved? I have told her many many times not to buy the blue Walmart gift cards they never seem to work she's wasting her money. I hate your gift cards. your website says they are issued by green dot banks and the back of the card say the card is issued by sunrise banks, so what is going on? I am about ready to turn this issue over to the BBB. I want an reply as soon as possible please. I have tried four times to use the card, and I have tried to register it on line like the store told me to do maybe 8 times to be told the card number and sucurity number don't match.
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