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We have taken our final trip with Greyhound


We have taken our final trip with Greyhound. We recently made a trip from Charlotte NC to Huntington WV. We went online to check prices and to see if the early bus still ran at 2:20 am, we were quoted a price of $256.00 for two senior citizens and yes the 2;20 bus was still running, we double checked to make sure everything was taken care and then went back online to book our fare. Not only did you charge us $365.30 for two seniors but this included a $10.00 fee of which you made no explanation of what this was for. What is going on with this company have you gotten so big that you do not care!!!. Well like I said we were supposed to leave at 2;20 did not leave until 3:35 I informed them at the station my husband required help on and off the bus, well they let us on first but no help, when we arrived at the first rest stop we were told we had 15 minutes due to being so late, the driver who was very rude jumped off the bus and hurried into McDonalds did not place step at the bottom and my husband almost fell if it had not been for another passenger, and upon returning to the bus the same thing no help from driver but passengers help. Of course we did not arrive into Huntington until 11:30 suppose to be there 10:10. We do not travel much but when we did we traveled with your company, like I said no more, I might add we could have taken Amtrak cheaper of which we will do from now as we look at you owe us the difference of $256 from the first quote to being charged $365.30, but we know as well as other people you are not that concerned I don't expect you to reply you people just do not take care of passengers. Thank You for the worst trip we have ever had. Not much better on the return trip, the old saying you learn from mistakes we learned the hard way on this one.



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