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We were notified by Expedia in September that a


We were notified by Expedia in September that a December flight for Key West that we had booked several weeks prior had been changed, for the third or fourth time, to include a flight from Newark to Indianapolis which allowed a 31 minute connection time, which although legal, is physically impossible, given one flight landed in Terminal A and our connecting flight took off in Terminal C, a 45 minute shuttle ride. An hour on the phone with the Expedia customer service rep could not resolve this problem, nor could he explain why our flight had been changed so many times, and told me I needed to call the airline directly. We have since determined that we will in the future only deal directly with airlines, and not through Expedia, since if and when there is a problem, Expedia has no power to help anyway. The few dollars saved by booking through Expedia was not worth the ensuing gargantuan hassle.



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