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Microsoft Xboxlive has been completely unprofessional and inappropriate


Microsoft Xboxlive has been completely unprofessional and inappropriate. Yes, a slippery bar of soap when it comes to accountability and follow through. Microsoft has competently failed to process the credit promised to us a year ago - which was originally requested by us - due to their faulty service and rude mistreatment of my son. Instead, we have received countless email messages and phone messages, claiming that they processed a credit. The form of credit keeps changing, first it was the credit card, then paypal, I lose count now. It is shameful that this division associates themselves with the name Microsoft.

Apparently, the customer care supervisor's name is Duranda, who yelled at me on the phone today, when I finally was able to catch one of the random call backs requested by us, since our credit card company has not been able to locate the credit they said they issued. When I told Duranda to stop yelling at me, she simply replied, it was because I wasn't listening to her. I told her that since what she was saying did not make sense and kept changing, like a slippery bar of soap, I was asking for clarification and accountability. Duranda became more upset and insisted that this wasn't her issue so she was going to transfer our case to another representative. I asked for the call to be forwarded to her supervisor but she insisted she did not have one - since she was the supervisor...

What a slap in the face it must be to have a division associated with Microsoft which has supervisor's which are unprofessional, rude, and not accountable. This sort of treatment has certainly left a bad taste in our mouths and we will definitely think twice before we make future purchases. We will continue to share our story with everyone we meet, until we are able to get the much deserved attention for these cases of mistreatment.

No longer a customer...10/21/2015


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