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Our son received a new XBOX for Christmas last year.


Our son received a new XBOX for Christmas last year. He had an older version, so we got him the updated Black Ops. When he was notified to renew, they also blocked him at the same time. When I tried to edit with the updated CC, it was refused. We tried every which way to get the card renewed. The only human I could get to talk to was an Indonesian, who for a mere $99 would see how he could help us update the CC for it to take. I refused to pay $99 and the $59 renewal fee. We are retired, and disabled and I don't have money to fritter away to scam artists. These are the same guys that freeze up your PC then want a "mere" $150 to fix it for you, by taking a bunch of self-help programs out so you are stuck with a PC that no longer works properly so that you can stick even more money into the beast. Two years ago I spent over $400 due to freeze- ups caused by their greed. I figured out how to unfreeze the PC with the help of Geek Squad, the XBOX issue may well force us to get rid of on-line gaming, which sadly is one of the things our son really likes to do, especially when not feeling well, or the weather is bad. Why can't these people just give support for a simple thing like billing, update, without ripping a person for $100 in addition to a renewal. Lousy customer service! I never thought anything from Bill Gates would rip people off this way. What's the matter, you don't make enough $$$ without ripping customers ?off.



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