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Rather than scream at the customer service person,


Rather than scream at the customer service person, I am passing on this information via the comment option. Let me list the things that are a problem with your company.
1. You are a monopoly. Which means people have no other choice but to use your company.
2. Each time I call you for Customer Service because COMCAST has a problem, I am on the phone for an unbelievable amount of time. Recently, >2 HOURS for my phone not ringine. It was COMCASTS fault. I had no phone service for the entire month of August.
3. Your customer service people are very nice and polite. Some of them know what they are doing. Some of them screw up the service even worst trying to fix the issue.
4. I have never called in for Customer Service when the line is not disconnected so I have to start over. Today it only took me three calls.
5. I am sure you are aware of the fact that a person must call in and speak to nothing but robots until the option is finally "agent". Which takes a long time because the Customer is not given this option until the robots run out of options. A VERY LONG TIME. Last time I called to fix one of your company's errors it took me 4 phone calls one of which lasted THREE hours.

Your companyhas a problem.



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