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So far I have been without service for


So far I have been without service for approximately 50 hours in the first fifteen days of service.........
and when a tech came and checked why we lost signal he stated that the tech who installed our cable should have replaced the cable from the utility pole to the house not just the cable in the house.
Two of the four times that we lost service we experienced a power outage, the first time was a couple of hours till Penelec fixed whatever caused the outage but when the power came back on the cable was out till 30 plus hours later...that's when the tech came and informed us about the old cable and said that was why we were losing signal and the picture keeps freezing.He said that he would send out a tech to replace the old cable from the utility pole that was 08/09/2016 four days later still waiting!
And to everybody that has commented on the difficulty talking to a live person I know what your talking about and I think that it is ridiculous!
I like the diverse channel selection and the voice remote is cool.... But if this is any indication of what they think of their customers I am not going to put up with it for ever.
About to become a dish customer!



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