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i have had my email for years...i was being


i have had my email for years...i was being prompted to change the password. i did, now it doesnt recognize my password, now the customer services say my email is no longer valid....after years, i have stiff saved in that email from my son while he was in iraq, stuff from my family that have that passed away...seriously pissed off, pisssed off...they say to reset this use the phone number,,,that phone number has long been gone years ago..i mean seriously what the hell is this so upset so upset and customer service was like,,,oh well its gone, its not there any more...really



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4/18/2017 Paula i HAVE THE SAME PROBLEM!!! ...and the yahoo phone nr.'s don't works..... where I can email and where I can call? Please help..I am in California. Have very important documents and conversation /administration evidence for my dougter..she is still in Hospital"... need open my email...its look like i is not place to!!

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