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I have tried several times to reset my yahoo mail


I have tried several times to reset my yahoo mail address with the security code I am given and it still comes up invalid.I have also lost many of my email adresses and saved files. I had to get a different email adress elsewhere to use . This is horrible, this stupid securitty problem Yahoo iis having with there email addresses.Even when I try to sign up with a new yahoo email address they tell me i signed up with too many and they won't even let not even one of them work for me.I have had the same email for the past few years now and now there is a security problem? One I can't get out of no matter how hard I try. This is stupid and wrong.How many yahoo mail addresses is too many any way?They need to fix this problem and right away.I will now have to use my other email adreeses from elsewhere instead.Fix this security problem and let us have our email addresses back or else.It can't be that hard to just give us our email addresses back.I dislike Yahoo mail for doing this security problem to me and to others as well.We the customers need a true honest working customer servive number to call and not one that does not work when called.We the customers have a right to use our Yahoo mail addresses and not be locked out because of security problems that seem to be unfixable.I give you a bad rating at this time because of the security problems.Every time I try to login into my account I get a message on my cellphone telling me my Yahoo mail sign in has failed.How stupid this is.



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