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I recently got a new phone & new number. I'm


I recently got a new phone & new number. I'm trying to get into my email account but I forgot my password and I don't have access to the number on my account for it to text me a reset password. How can I get into my account without having to create a new one?

Haley 1/26/2017


Date Comment
2/20/2017 Same problem. No number to call. Wow. Not very good

2/25/2017 02-25-2017 I am having the same problem. I went into my login and it tells me my password is incorrect. I know it is correct. I have gone to the yahoo "help" site and just go around in circles. I do not want a new login. I would add a new password but can't get around this. I even had a "reference number" sent to my sisters email as instructed on the help site. But no further information was given! So what good is that reference number. Someone from Yahoo please help as you are unreachable by phone. Vicki

3/7/2017 I am having the exact same issue as well. I don't have access to my old phone which is where they will send the recovery code to reset my password. It just stopped working on 2/16/17! Any help is appreciated.

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