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I posted the following complaint on yelp and it


I posted the following complaint on yelp and it was deleted (not just “not recommended” but actually deleted) due to “Content Guidelines violations”. They said it fell outside of a “typical consumer experience”. If you read the review below, you will realize that people considering using this business need to be informed!! When reviewing the Content Guidelines, I have no idea why this review was deleted. Further, the email I was sent informing me my post was deleted, was a no-reply email, and there is no way to contact someone through phone or email to answer any of my questions. My experience in my post is SO SO SO important for people to know that are considering using the Pet Vet I reviewed. Its a life and death situation for pets. I can not understand why my review was deleted twice, and it makes me not trust yelp reviews anymore. I would like someone at Yelp to contact me and explain why they are keeping this important information form the public, or are they just going to delete this post too? I am in the process of speaking to the Orange County Register about the fact that Yelp keeps important reviews from customers to appease business owners. Please see my review below:

Removed Content:
DO NOT EVER BOARD YOUR PET HERE!!! While I was getting into my car a few Saturdays ago in the Seabridge neighborhood behind The Pet Vet, two of their employees approached me and asked me to be on the lookout for a small black and brown terrier chihuahua mix (about 15 -20 pounds). An employee had let the dog out, it had been sighted in my neighborhood for the past couple of hours, but no one could catch it. To make matters worse, a coyote had been sighted numerous times in Seabridge that day. I texted about ten neighbors and for the next couple of hours people were searching by car, bike, and foot. The word spread and even more people came out to search. We all have our own fur babies and could not imagine what it would be like to come home from a vacation to find that they lost our dog. It was spotted many time during our search, but no one could catch it. Luckliy, right when we were about to call it quits, 5 of us happened to be at the right place at the right time, and we caught the very scared dog. My husband even got bit, but not that bad. We were able to give the dog back to the employees who were driving around the neighborhood searching for the dog, but in retrospect we wish we had kept the dog and tried to find the owner. I guarantee that they will not tell the owner what happened, and they will never know how a community of dog lovers came together to save their dog. Then, come to find out, the dog originally ran down to Garfield and Beach, turned back around and ducked into our neighborhood. One person even saw it run across Beach Blvd! I also heard through the Community Huntington Beach Facebook page and the Nextdoor App, that this is not the first time a dog has gotten out. I can’t believe how irresponsible this vet is!!!!



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