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yelp lets people post reviews that are fake and


yelp lets people post reviews that are fake and refuse to help fix it, SCAM.

martha stewart 2/23/2017


3/19/2017 I 100% ABSOLUTELY AGREE THAT YELP IS A TOTAL SCAM! But guess what? You wont see these reviews anywhere! Yelp allows anyone to bash a business for no reason and leaves the nasty reviews at the top and the good reviews sit in "other comments" not even posted. THEN they make it impossible to find contact info to reach them. You should be shut down for allowing just anyone to bring down a business that works 24/7 and sacrifices EVERYTHING to grow and be successful and provide excellent customer service....Your an absolute disgrace YELP! Cant wait to see if this gets "approval by the webmaster" have THOUSANDS of reviews like this yet you still continue to hurt small business.... The internet is a great thing but people need to know that everything on it is not real....or even close to the truth....I will continue to work and take care of my clients and actually encourage people to write nice reviews and when they are upset with a business.....trying actually talking to someone at that business and discuss the issue first like adults instead of airing your bad mood and nasty thoughts online.... Have a nice day!

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