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GE MONEY BANK and it's policies are pathetic


your company and it's policies are pathetic. I have had 2 accounts with business that use your services. Belk, Oreck and Lowe's all use the GE Money Bank or let them maintain their credit cards. On all three of these accounts which I have cards, I have seen them drop the Credit Limit to just dollars above or right at what I owe. I have never, ever, ever been late on these cards (with the exception of the Oreck, which was simply an address mistake, and it was only once) and never gone over my limit. Yet, they deliberately send out letters saying there are issues involving my credit. I have 2 jobs and just recently bought a car and yet...they maintain my credit is less than worthy....I will make it my upmost effort to pay these cards off and never utilize a card or that is paid to GE Money Bank again.....can't wait for the day...will let you know. The sooner you can no longer make money off me...the better.




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