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ZERO STARS Experian has to be the WORST


Experian has to be the WORST to deal with .. (no customer service at all)
when I got the annual credit report .. so much wrong (HELLO ... when info at the top of the report is incorrect (where did they get that anyways?) .. and Experian has yet to deal with this properly .. )
The Vantage Credit Score is also many points lower than any of the other credit scores (like FICO) from credit reporting agencies (So there is a fault there in the scores, which Experian does NOT want to explain or correct)
WILL NOT fall for your scam of monthly monitoring either .. this is information that should be available to customers for FREE ... (at any time the individual wants to check the information).
Can't get ahold of them in reasonable time, the automated menu options are not covering issues, no real person to talk to about concerns (including ID theft issues)



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