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After complaining in writing during last year, you


After complaining in writing during last year, you continually show condos and homes somewhere but not in my immediate area. They are priced well below my appraisals and they cannot be considered "comps". Why are you still doing this?

I do not live in a CONDO!!! My house is called a Townhome here in Las Vegas. Two homes with one adjoining wall. Get it through your pea is NOT A CONDO!!

There are 3 homes in my development for sale, one at $259,000 and the other that was listed for same price, approx, had cash offer within days. Another one sold for $5,000 more than listing price, which was $250,000. That occurred about 3 months ago. NEVER have you shown any of these as comps and they are in my development!!! Our homes are one-story and that is very desirable here (seniors in particular do not want to deal with stairs).

You must have lazy a---- working at your company who do not have the ability to work a computer or think. Wish I had a job where I could get paid to do nothing except screw up.



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