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I'm not sure if the American population is


I'm not sure if the American population is important to your business, but that is who is being disenfranchised to your company by your continued support of Rachel Maddow and other pro-liberal, leftists, progressive "news" shows. These shows are negative and inaccurate commentaries, at best, and the worst type of propaganda and fact-less conspiracies at worse, promoting severe divisions between American citizens.
This communication is to request that you cease your financial encouragement of such divisions and to stop your biased support of left leaning political commentators who inaccurately represent themselves as "journalists." A true journalist would report the facts on both sides of the issue and allow the viewer to decide what is the truth. Rachel Maddow does anything but this independent reporting.
Again, the voters have elected President Trump. Rachel Maddow continues to attack the voter's elected official to the detriment of our country. As a sponsor, you have aligned yourself to her actions. This will negatively affect your business and reputation. Kindly reconsider those whom you support



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