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my home this whole year...... was valued at 68


my home this whole year...... was valued at 68 grand... now that isnt much to most of you but this isnt a rich area and I put alot into it, now as soon, and I mean the week of.... as soon as i put it up for sale.... the zestimate... drops almost 7 grand off of this. It is devestating to me. It has ruined my chance at making the money I need to aid my mom and be able to sale this house. How can it devalue in a week and why only the week it suddenly goes up on the market. while all the other houses on my street are up around 70 plus... and mine is the better one? something isnt right. I dont know if this is something they do to discourage us poorer areas and rural areas from moving or having anyone invest in our areas something isnt right here.



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