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Re: home listed at 5231 Canterbury Dr., Cypress,


Re: home listed at 5231 Canterbury Dr., Cypress, CA. According to the listing on this home's ad, the current owners/seller are the "original" owners. That is not correct. My husband and i purchased this very house before it was completely finished in 1964. There was still work to be done on the white cement block fencing. In the back - where the school is now was a dairy farm, and the whole sub-division was in various stages of completion with lots of dirt and dust and flies from the dairy farm. It was a true young family neighborhood with lots of kids of all ages and more babies coming constantly. We would shut off the street at both ends and do kid parties and BBQ's often.

We saw the beginning of Disney Land and could watch the fireworks every evening, and when the Castle was built, we could actually see the tiny little figure of Tinker Bell sliding down a rope from the tallest spire of the Castle. Turned out, she was an adorable - and courageous - 80 year old lady in a pink top and tutu with her sparkly wand.

If the new owners would like any other information about the first 9 year history of the house, they are welcome to contact me.



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