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LD Products Inc, dba 4inkjets.com was founded in 1999. Since that time, it has grown to become one of the largest online retailers of printer supplies in the US with offices in Long Beach, CA and Spring Valley, NY. Since our inception we have made customer satisfaction our number one goal. Our courteous customer service representatives are knowledgeable about our products and are always ready to assist you. We have been awarded Bizrate's Platinum Circle of Excellence for Customer Service for the last four years. We are also a Yahoo 5 Star certified merchant. All of our products are stocked in our 26,000 SQ ft warehouse in Long Beach, CA. We rigorously screen our manufacturers to make sure that our products maintain the highest levels of quality and durability. Our purchasing department works hard to ensure that we carry the latest printing supply products. We have experienced phenomenal growth since our start and would like to thank our customers for their continued support.

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888.321.2552Hint Needed - Please Comment


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1/28/2014 4inkjets.com (LD Products Inc.) - Great prices. Cartridges have always worked for
Great prices. Cartridges have always worked for me. Best number I've found is: 888-715-8747 and press #2

AlbertRead More
5/24/2013 4inkjets.com (LD Products Inc.) - LD PRODUCTS ink cartridges have always worked well
LD PRODUCTS ink cartridges have always worked well with my printers, but in this case, one of the cartridges is not being accepted. I called Customer Service, stated my problem and the cartridge will be replaced. Customer Service was very fast and courteous. It was a pleasure to talk to a live person rather than a recorded message.
Thanks again, LD.

WalterRead More
9/6/2012 4inkjets.com (LD Products Inc.) - we want better service from your company
we want better service from your company

WENDYRead More
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