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9/8/2013 A and W restaurant workers are not wearing gloves
Currently eating at the restaurant in Owego, NY
Employee at cash register Nick
Handled money, then proceeded to put our burgers in the machine
BARE handed. Was charged wrong for out order.
Got here and have waited 15 minutes so far for our food.
Theyre ants crawling all over along the window and seating area.
Spoke to the manager on duty all he did was correct his employee on washing his hands after handed money!
They need to be wearing GLOVES while handling food.
B Haughie RGM
LOCATION # 607-687-3808
This is totally unaceptable
Serious health code violations present here!
Screwed up our order royally
Fries cold, asked for a hot dog with cheese
Menu doesnt say its a foot long. Menu shows hot dog
No mentioning of a foot long. Was told by employee they only have one size
Already have our drinks, manager makes
2 more! This is rediculous. Very upset and will NEVER come here again.

SusanRead More
12/1/2012 A and W - I recently went to A&W Emporium Pluit Jakarta. I
I recently went to A&W Emporium Pluit Jakarta. I wanted a float and requested they replace the rootbeer with Coca Cola and was told it was not possible. So I ordered a sundae minus chocolate topping and a Coca Cola. Then they said they didn't have Coca Cola in the dispenser and would I take a can. So I said ok. Then when I asked for a cup for my drink, I was given a tiny COFFEE cup. So I asked why can't I have a cola cup so I can mix my own float. And the person taking the order said 'tidak bisa'. Not good service. Not accommodating and the person taking the order was not polite.

Read More
10/13/2011 A and W - Sorry to say....but I had the worse coney dog I've
Sorry to say....but I had the worse coney dog I've ever had at the A&W in Spring Hill, Fl.....We dont have an A&W where we live so when I go to my sisters home in another state I never miss the oppurtunity to grab a coney dog. Recently we visited Spring Hill and I wanted a coney dog. When I got it.... it was more of a sausage dog. And that WAS NOT A&W's sauce....really disappointed me....

katherineRead More
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