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12/18/2015 I was shopping in AAFES on Scott Air Force Base on December 14, 2015
I was shopping in AAFES on Scott Air Force Base on December 14, 2015. I was looking for stainless steel trash can and I saw a lady walking and I asked her for help she went beyond her job to help me. She was not a sales clerk, she actually was Loss Prevention and her name is Marsha she search the store and found a trash can and brought it to where I was looking. I appreciate the fact that she didn't say this is not my job. Marsha was so helpful and she was assisting other customers and never said this is not my job. The sales clerk that help also was very nice and her name is Michelle.

I wanted to take the time to let AAFES know that I appreciate the help I received that day. Customers always write to complain and I really wanted to send a message of thanks
5 star service

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12/7/2015 I am writing this AAFES complaint for my ex-husband
I am writing this complaint about my soon to be x-husband. My husband was an Active Duty Marine who unfortunately the end of 2013 started to experience some health issues and because of that he decided to get out. After months of having mini breakdowns and leaving our family we got him into a VA facility that diagnosed him with Bipolar Disorder, Social Anxiety and a number of other mental issues. Because of this he had a number of financial bills that he was responsible for that I personally contacted and placed on payment plans and AAFES was one of them. I was fortunate enough to get a hold of a very kind lady there back in September of 2014 that placed my husband on a payment plan and was kind enough to lift the Federal offset that was placed with the IRS. Fast forward a couple of months to February of this year Kirk started to experience some additional health issues and problems with the reality that he stopped paying on this account and he ended up in the hospital in March for a suicide attempt. After many issues back and forth with his health and medication and because I have minor children in the house and a mother I take care of I needed to remove him from the house due to some safety concerns. Unfortunately because of his treatment and these issues he got off track with his payments and AAFES placed his account back in with a collection company. I have recontacted AAFES several times as well as provided detailed medical records of his condition and they are refusing to work with us again and remove the federal offset that they placed on his account. Even though we are getting divorced and I am not personally responsible for this bill. They are telling me that I need to provide my personal information and then contact the IRS and file with them an injured spouse form so I can get my portion of the tax money back. I explained to them, several times that this was a debt that my husband acquired prior to us getting married and I have two minor children and a mother that I am responsible for so the IRS refund is all my income because he is on disability and lives in another state. But because I am on Obama Care and was married in 2015 I legally have to file a joint tax return or else I owe money back for my healthcare. I don't understand how this company is able to pick and choose when they help people and why they could pull the offset the first time from the IRS and work with us directly, and now they are saying because we are getting divorced they can't work with me even though I still have full legal power of Attorney until the divorce is final. I think it is horrible that my ability to provide for my family is being compromised even though we are voluntarily coming to them and trying to work something out, and something they were able to work out before on our behalf due to personal and mental health issues. This last manager that I just spoke with this morning yelled at me and basically hung up on me and said she can't help what he is going through but that my refund will be taken. Her name is Bridgett and she is the Hardship Manager of AAFES.

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3/9/2015 AAFES - customer service Sucks! As well they push credit
customer service Sucks! As well they push credit cards on new troops who have no money and encourage debt

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2/10/2015 AAFES - As it stands right now there is little I can say
As it stands right now there is little I can say positive about AAFES both on location and even worse on line. Item by item few items are bargains supposedly priced specifically for our military and dependents. I went into the Dover store today. There were 4 people. Two cashiers, me and one other shopper. There is hardly an item carried there that can be purchased for a lot less off base.
As for online, many of the issues that others have listed I have also experienced over and over again. Even sale items in most cases are regular pricing at Walmart, Target and always cheaper on Amazon.com with 100 times better customer service and responsiveness to concerns. The Military Star card we use for Aafes purchases has increased their rates without notice. There has been some improvement to their site but this was after years, that's years of repeated complaints. AAFES you have lost your spirit, you have lost your competitiveness if ever you had it , you discourage American military from using your facilities with poor customer service, poor attitudes, poor inventory, poor management and the bottom line poor pricing. I .E. When over inventory items do go on sale with unusually low prices they are out of stock almost immediately When asking to be notified when the item becomes available is like wishing for a lottery winnings without buying a ticket. I have Never, that's never been notified on any inquiry I've made. The last one was made at the beginning of January so I went somewhere else and bought that same item for about the same price. Stateside AAFES is a waste of time unless on an isolated site. Necessary overseas where they do the most good otherwise a waste of time.
It bothers me that all my years of active duty service, 30 years entitled me to a faux benefit that I still have to justify. You have not nearly returned to me and millions like me what we've given to you. We deserve better. We earned it!!

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12/3/2014 AAFES - Black Friday flyers were mailed out, on Black
Black Friday flyers were mailed out, on Black Friday went to the PX and to say the least it wasn't honored. DVD's were on sale for $7.95 or 3/$20.00.."assorted titles" also had a price range...once I got to the PX we are told that the titles are in a bin!!! Assorted titles are assorted titles..mind you none of the few DVD's on the flyers were in that bin! When asked to speak to the manager, she stated that the flyers are sent from HQ's and the title are also determined by HQ's.......All I can say is that this type of advertising is confusing, misleading and false. The AAFES has been around too long to make these types of mistakes and not "honor" their screw up!!! Walmart would be out of business if they treated their customers like the AAFES manager did that day. You cannot contact anyone to clarify this issue and when calling the local management they gave the same excuse. Trying to reach the HQ's in Dallas, Tx..no response. Will be addressing this with as far as I have to go..don't want to have to make this a congressional inquiry but from the response and complaints I think AAFES is under the impression that they don't have to respond or care about their customers. You have a motto AAFES management honor that motto.

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11/7/2014 AAFES - Had a problem with a order which shipped directly
Had a problem with a order which shipped directly form the vendor. Wife spent many hours on the phone with customer service and was told "AAFES" could do nothing about the order because it went to the vendor. After four calls to customer service she was told the order was cancelled. She lovd the items she ordered and really wanted them. Only reason she ordered through AAFES was the price, $2.50 less than local store Bed Bath and Beyond. Well we reodered the items only to find that after placing order that the original order had shipped from the vendor. luckily we could cancel the subsiquent orders and didn't get billed again. Now that we recieved the shipment had a problem with one of the dishes. On the phone, hold, for over an one and half hours, ended by an incoming call, with no help from the Exchange.AAFES needs to improve on custmer support.

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6/8/2014 AAFES - After purchasing a 2300 dollar mattress set
After purchasing a 2300 dollar mattress set through AAFES which was defective to say the least! I immediately notified Customer Service online, which the message was never received according to AAFES representative. Pretty much insinuated that I wasn't being truthful! Well' I'm still trying to get the mattress set replaced through the vendor. AAFES later sent an e-mail indicating that if I were to purchase another set, the Vendor agreed to retrieve the defective one. However' when I called AAFES for a clarification on this e-mail, I was immediately informed that AAFES could do nothing more for me, that I should contact the vendor. I was never afforded the opportunity to ask my question.The vendor later informed me that this was not true. AAFES will continue to stress that they are there to serve the Military Community! NOT THIS TIME!! Once my account is paid in full, I will immediately close it and NEVER purchase through AAFES again!

Jerry Read More
5/11/2014 AAFES - Dear _Arby's and Food Counter MrgI'd like to
Dear _Arby's and Food Counter Mrg
I'd like to compliment one of your employees, at Arby's for the excellent service she provided me last week on May 8,2014.thank her name tag say Brenda She was very Professional a great customer service and I do eat they at regular best at the food counter I also work at the Base Clinic and I know sometime you guys get very busy but Brenda always has a great smile on her face and she need to be recognition that she is great customer service skills. also wanted to tell you that there was two girls there on that day was very rude and yell at someone in the back and was not get my order ready and Brenda got my order out and I went back to work I know sometime you guys get busy there just wanted to tell you that you guys have a great worker there will you please tell Brenda Thank you for make my day and made me smile . HM1 Grigg Luann

luann grigg Read More
4/22/2014 AAFES hiring and employment probationary program does not allow any mistakes to be made
I was greatly disappointed to discover that AAFES hiring and employment probationary program does not allow any mistakes to be made or correctons to be made during that probationary program.

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12/13/2013 AAFES waited 28 minutes then transferred 4 times
I'm in Afghanistan and called the customer service dept to "take care of my account"....After waiting for 28 minutes, I was transferred four times....and then apparently hung up on. total time wasted 31:47
They were, there with humans to take my money the first time, where are they at now.

I will not advise any of my soldiers to deal with AFFES....go to WAL-MART, instead!

SSG. Andre Osby Read More
10/7/2013 AAFES - To the stupid webmaster. You really do not have
To the stupid webmaster. You really do not have the authority to approve or disapprove comments submitted by customers. I am sure your IG would agree with me. I see comments have been there for a very long time. Does anyone do anything about the comments. Or does your organization just ignor them.

I think I will take my complaint to my Congressman. I am sure that he will be intouch and will give me an answer.

Melvyn J. Burns, COL, USAF (ret) Read More
7/19/2013 I will never shop at AAFES again. I bought a
I will never shop at AAFES again. I bought a lawnmower and the same day the belt broke. The warranty allowed the service center to fix the belt and as soon as I tried to use it after the service center returned it the belt broke again. The service center explained that the Snapper lawnmower has a recall on that particular lawnmower. I am in the process of returning my purchase.

I have not had the mower a week and this is the service military receive from AAFES? Horrible.

Robert Bennett

Robert Read More
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