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1-888-867-5575Press 1; hold through message.


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3/24/2017 AARP MedicareRxPlan - I give them one star for answering the phone. It
I give them one star for answering the phone. It took four phone calls to get someone who understood the problem and was making an effort to correct it. I have a four hundred dollar deductible. I had several prescriptions that took me over the the $400. The next prescription was to be $18.00. Anyway, that didn't happen. My call to two people led me nowhere except hanging on the phone until I realized no one was coming back Fourth phone call I got a guy who found the problem, they had not entered a prescription for over $300.00, which would have gotten me past the deductible. He left me on hold while he was checking something and I think when he was trying to come back, the call disconnected. Thankfully, he called back. He told me he'd set me up with some dept. who could make the correction. Transferred me and I got disconnected again. Talk about frustrating and costing me money I can't afford. I'm about to try again. Wish me luck!

CarolRead More
1/18/2015 AARP MedicareRxPlan - George-I dropped the plan also and tried 2 times
I dropped the plan also and tried 2 times to get thru to a human being at RX customer service- I don't think they exist- I am getting bills from AARP Rx also and I don't have them as my drug carrier anymore-
I was told on the first call the wait times were 10 minutes and I was on the phone waiting for over 1/2 till their end NOT Verizon- dropped me- Terrible service
And we are not looking at Medicare fraud!

Robert Read More
1/6/2015 AARP MedicareRxPlan - AARP Medicare RX Plan - My wife and I no longer
AARP Medicare RX Plan - My wife and I no longer receive payment coupons but a bill each month by mail. I mailed out first payments for my wife and myself on December 18th 2014. As of January 7th, 2015 I have only received confirmation from the bank that my payment was received but my wife was not.

I tried calling two times today 20 minuets on the first call they hung up, second call lasted 30 minuets and they hung up again with no voice contact from a human.

This company has got to get on the stick and start doing things right for customers. Very poor service!!!

GeorgeRead More
2/24/2014 AARP MedicareRxPlan - This is my 3rd memo in addition to 2 phone calls
This is my 3rd memo in addition to 2 phone calls to resolve a problem. Last contact was last Wednesday, I was assured i would receive a call within 48 hours, as yet nothing. This pertains to having my RX account combined with my husband over the internet.

Not at all pleased with efforts by AARP

JoAnn G LaBordeRead More
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