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5/8/2016 I have received a mail from Accenture, but there
I have received a mail from Accenture, but there no any contact person name,
How to meet regarding my interview,

Darshna kumariRead More
11/27/2013 Accenture - have some query regarded to the campus going to
have some query regarded to the campus going to held on 30th november in JNTUH university regarding to documents.

meghaRead More
3/3/2011 Please send me your phone number for accenture
Please send me your phone number for accenture alumni. I am retired from accenture and I called about my 401K. I had the phone number, but have misplaced it and wish you would send it to me. I communicated with the benefits people, and they mailed me a password, which I had forgotten and now I can't remember what I did with the phone number. I would like to talk to the technician who sent me the password and have a couple of questions about my 401K. I am sure I must sound like I've lost it (my senses) Please understand you
get forgetful as you get older. I fell on the ice on January 15 and got a concussion and I went the emergency room and they said I had 2 compression fractures and 2 narrowed disks. (this did nothing to help my forgetfulness). I am tryng to get my papers together for my income tax, and could not get any information without my password and logon. I
totally understand, I just need to be less forgetful.I appreciate your response and help and would like to take this time to say that Accenture is the BEST company I have ever worked for, including the government. I cannot say enough good things about Accenture and am always telling my friends this is the company to work for.
Thank you and God Bless you all for being so helpful.
Sincerely, Dolores Law

Dolores (Dodie)Read More
1/25/2011 Accenture - Dear Sir/ MadamWe are running full fleged
Dear Sir/ Madam
We are running full fleged engineering College with 6 courses. Nearly 300+ students are coming out with engineering degree. since we preparing the students for industries by giving practical knowledge they are very copmetative. I request you to give an ooprtunity to our students to attend the on campus or Off campus interview.

thanking you

Look forward to hearing from you positively

With Warm Regards

Placemnet Officer
M A Kazi

Mohammad Rafique kazi Read More
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