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5/15/2017 Ace Rent A Car - This was my first time renting a car.They should
This was my first time renting a car.
They should try and explain a bit about how the insurance works. I didn't know that I didn't need it due to my other insurances and AARP, so I ended up paying an extra $114. that I didn't need to pay.
Make sure you are back 'TO THE COUNTER' before the time due. I got back at 10:35 then stood in a long line. My time due back was 11:am, but got to the counter at 11:06 (6 minutes late), it changed their computer to push an extra day in there, so all fees and surcharges where for 5 days, not 4. So check your statement before leaving. They were nice enough to adjust the fees, but it took me a while to get someone on the phone, and to find the right number.
Also, when I first got there they said that they were out of the rentals that I reserved a week before, so he was going to give me a better rental. He didn't say that there was a fee for upgrade of $125. Once again, look at your statement before leaving. Luckily I caught this.
Find out all the details before renting a car. I learned my lessons.

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11/17/2015 Ace Rent A Car - You need a easier way to get a phone number
you need a easier way to get a phone #. I dont take my computer on vacation or my smart phone

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10/14/2013 Ace Rent A Car - I like your prices, but you have to be less
I like your prices, but you have to be less complicated to make a reservation

myriam Read More
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