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5/25/2016 Acura Phone Number - hello I need a code to my raido
hello I need a code to my raido

alicia Read More
6/16/2014 Acura Phone Number - Please bring back exhaust tips on your new Acura
Please bring back exhaust tips on your new Acura models, i will pay extra for exhaust tips especially on the new 2015 TLX.

Adrian Read More
7/22/2013 Acura Phone Number - I purchased a 2010 acura tsx last week. The only
I purchased a 2010 acura tsx last week. The only flaw in the entire car is a scratch on the silver color trim piece above the glove box. I have searched everywhere to find the exact color to fix it. Can you help me please.

bob Read More
1/7/2012 Acura Phone Number - I would like to know why I am getting phone calls
I would like to know why I am getting phone calls from Acura Customer Feedback concerning my purchasing experience of purchings an Acura automobile when I have not purchased or even been in an Acura Dealership. We did purchase a Honda van in August 2011 and took it in for service a couple weeks ago.

Mary Read More
2/10/2011 Acura Phone Number - Dear Acura,My name is Deborah S. Jean C.E.O. and
Dear Acura,

My name is Deborah S. Jean C.E.O. and Founder of Wheel World Sports Arena (WWSA). I am a paraprofessional for the New York City Department of Education. I also work as a custodial assistant at P.S.95Q.

Allow me to share a thought or two with you about my vision and how you can help.
Wheel World Sports Arena will serve as a community based interactive recreational and learning facility. The idea behind Wheel World Sports Arena, is in the word “wheel." A wheel is considered to be a moving or essential part of an instrument. My desire for WWSA is to be this essential part designed to produce well-rounded, broadly developed children and families. Wheel World Sports Arena will seek to move and compel families to build on their own strengths and capacities; to promote the healthy development of their children, improve success with parenting, as well as maintaining a safe and collective family unit. We aim to have a significant impact on the community, families, and youth.
Additionally, the Wheel World Tutoring Center will serve as a resource designed for a child’s educational needs on various subjects. Our outstanding professional team will consist of state certified teachers who will train and manage the tutoring staff to ensure that expert and quality services are being executed.
We are very proud of our preliminary plans for the facility and the individuals who pitch in willingly and freely to help preserve this dream. There are however many expenses connected with running the facility. As we launch our campaign for fundraising, we are requesting your financial assistance.
When it comes to giving, many of us are hesitant. It is difficult to support a vision that seems far away and invisible, familiar to us only through letters, brochures, or reports.
However, in return for your sponsorship we will be willing to wear your logo and proudly display it around the facility. We can also provide a free booth or space to showcase your products or services. More importantly, your company name will appear in our promotional materials. As an added benefit, we will make it our responsibility to help you feel involved, respected, and informed of our development. At the very least a monthly update on our progress.
I encourage you to support this vision. At this early juncture I feel confident that financing for this venture will be secured with reasonable conviction. I look forward to hearing from you so that we can discuss the particulars. We can provide you with further details and a full break down of the likely costs.

Without your generous support, this dream will remain just that-a dream. Dreams are wonderful, but they’re not real. Let’s make this dream a reality!

Sincerely yours,

Deborah S. Jean
Please visit our site at:

Deborah Sarah Jean Read More
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