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AdidasĀ® Customer Service Phone Number:


Adidas Official Address:
5055 North Greeley Avenue
Portland, OR 97217 USA

7 Days 24-7 Depending on Service

More Phone Numbers
Tech Support: 1-800-982-9337
Consumer Relations: 1-800-448-1796
Accessories: 1-800-966-7697
Cologne, Deodorant, Bath&Body: 1-800-715-4023
Eyewear: 1-800-626-8684
Golf: 1-800-888-2582
Gymnastics: 1-650-799-6899
Headphones: 1-877-736-6434
Hockey: 1-800-545-1329
Martial Arts: 1-877-221-8282
Watches: 1-800-699-8911
Wrestling: 1-610-223-6045

Phone Number

1-800-982-9337Review and Hint Needed Please Comment


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9/24/2016 Adidas - I love your hiking boots they have so much grip!
I love your hiking boots they have so much grip!

HeidiRead More
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