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9/12/2013 Air Canada (Canada) - Well i cant believe the things i read wow.As for
Well i cant believe the things i read wow.As for us air canada has always been good to us.When there was mix up in our seats they put my sister and us in first class.Also when my husbands mom died while he was visiting her in barbados,he had to change his flight and was charged more.So when we got back we called them,and they took care of it.Then 2 years ago we booked to go back,but i got cancer and had to cancel,they returned all our money.It has been 2 years now and i am hopeing to retun with my family.So i am looking for some cheap tickets,so heres hoping they can help me again.If the person readind this can help.please send me email.thanks kindly

cathyRead More
7/15/2013 Air Canada (Canada) - I travel with Air Canada once a year to Europe. I
I travel with Air Canada once a year to Europe. I like the non-stop flight but hate the staff. They are older, unpleasant, miserable. Always give me a hard time. Three years in a row. The Year before 2011 I was sitting in a back of the plane but couldn't get a rest because of 2 stewardesses decided that everybody had to Listen to their conversations all the Way to Germany. Last Year was a flight attendant asked me to pull the shade Down because I was sitting by the window. It was still Day light Out. This Year a stewardess didn't let me go to the bathroom when I had to go in a Mean Time I saw somebody exiting the lavatory. At the and of her Shift she was complaining to an Other passenger that how Tired she was an her eyes were burning. Clearly for this much money I don't want to Listen to anybody's complains. Want tO get to my destination in Peace and no hassel.

TitiRead More
5/29/2013 Air Canada (Canada) - My wife and I took advantage of your Early Booking
My wife and I took advantage of your Early Booking Promotion on May 8th travelling to
The Gran Bahia Principe-Cayacoa-Samana, D.R. for $750.00 ea. We now discover it has been
reduced to $638.00 ea and question the benefit of booking early.?
This is not a very good practice especially for 2 seniors who travel at least 3 to 4 times a year to the south to enjoy our Golden Years usually travelling with Air Canada.

We feel a refund would ensure that we continue travelling with an excellent airline.
Frederick Kearsley

Frederick KearsleyRead More
3/2/2013 Air Canada (Canada) - Checked in online and got my boarding pass but
Checked in online and got my boarding pass but could not find any way to ask for wheelchair service. Both my wife and I have limited mobility. Tried for hours to reach customer service with no result. Question: can I get wheelchair service at the curb when arriving tomorrow?

SteveRead More
2/27/2013 Air Canada (Canada) - Worst service in my life. Try get through to an
Worst service in my life. Try get through to an angent, youd get more feedback from a creeking house never again. AIR CANADA IS A JOKE>

JakeRead More
10/5/2012 Air Canada (Canada) - I hope somebody at Air Canada Customer service
I hope somebody at Air Canada Customer service takes a look at all these comments, they are true and to the point!!! Air Canada is becoming the worst air line to travel with.
Their grounds agents don't give a care about their customer, I hope the big honchos really open their eyes!!!!! Bought a ticket for Sept. 27/12 Toronto/Las Vegas, arrived at airport early went to check, noticed agent tagged luggage "STAND BY", I questioned this, was given a round about answer, I was travelling with 2 friends, time to board, ched with agent at counter, he was very rude, told me he would work on it. This meant they had oversold the flight. There were people that had been bumped off the morning flight, they were trying to bump them off again. NO SEATS FOR PEOPLE WHO HAD PAID FOR TICKETS AND HAD BOARDING PASSES IN HAND!!!! DIGUSTING, BEING TREATED LIKE WERE WERE FROM OUTERSPACE!!!!! Finally was given a seat, unbeknowest to me, my luggage never made it!
Didn't get it for 2 days. Trying to find a number for customer service is like looking for a needle in a hay stack, GOOD LUCK!!!!! AIR CANADA IS A POOR EXCUSE FOR GOOD SERVICE!

charlieRead More
9/6/2012 Air Canada (Canada) - Hi , I went on holdiay to California August 10/12,
Hi , I went on holdiay to California August 10/12, got there O.K. but my baggage didn't make it, so I opened a claim at LAX person very nice and gave me a bag containing toothpast, brush and deoderant as we well as an oversize TShirt. Shoudl have realized I was in for a problem, I was at a Hotel property in Disneyland, called the Baggage claim Centre, which is located in India,(I finally got this out of an employee) the poor saps working there have to pretend they have English sounding names so I spoke with a Rose, a Troy, A John etc, after four (4) days of hearing the same spiel and being told that I could spend $50.00 U.S. (big deal) what the heck can you buy in L.A. for $50.00. I suggested that perhaps Air Canada, give their employees a Day 1, Day 2, Day 3 and Day 4 spiel, I was fed up with all of them telling me the same ccrap. On day number 4 after numerous telephone calls on my cell phone which charges me roaming charges and expenses are mounting. I finally said if you locate this baggage please return it to my home, magically it appeared and was delivered to my home the day before I arrived back. I do not believe it ever left Toronto. I presented a claim to Air Canada on August 22/12 sent it using Canada Post Tracking so confirmed they received it August 23/12 now September 6th 2012 and what have I heard NOTHING. I am thinking of taking this sad sack Airline to small claims court. The total I asked for was reimbursement of clothing, taxi expenses, purchase of a suitcase. Total $861.00 I will NEVER fly with them again. this is Canada's National Airline and the baggage centre is in India, the reservation centre is in Florida. WHY ARE THEY NOT EMPLOYING CANADIANS IN CANADA, WHEN ALMOST ALL OF OUR POLITICIANS PAST AND PRESENT FEEL WE HAVE TO BAIL THEM OUT ALL THE TIME. LET THEM SINK IT IS DEFINATLY WHAT THEY AND THEIR INEPT EMPLOYEES DESERVE. AIR CANADA YOU ARE DISGUSTING!! A NATIONAL DISGRACE.

miller Read More
7/29/2012 Air Canada (Canada) - no wonder the pilots all want to go on strike. if
no wonder the pilots all want to go on strike. if they treat there customers the same as there employees which i magine they do air canada will soon be no more

jason boutilierRead More
3/27/2012 Air Canada (Canada) - I'm not sure what definition of "customer service"
I'm not sure what definition of "customer service" Air Canada was using when it named this department, but clearly providing its customers with service is not its intention.

As a Canadian I would like to suggest we all write to the prime minister requesting that the name "Canada" be removed for this airline's name as it only embarrasses Canadians.

We all have a duty to protect the reputation of this fine country and allowing Air Canada to continue to use this country's name is the same as allowing our flag to be trod upon and burned. This company has not earned the right to be called Air Canada and I can only hope we open the skies to allow foreign carriers to operate here soon because we need more competition so that we can invoke our right to fly somebody else.

Unhappy travellerRead More
3/22/2012 Air Canada (Canada) - I am questioning how Air Canada's websaver seat
I am questioning how Air Canada's websaver seat sales really work. Last week I checked the cost of a flight to Nassau in the morning and then alerted my travel companion (in another city) to make her booking first and let me know her seat choices. I was then going to select a seat next to her. She was unable to do so until the evening but got the sale price with no problem. By the time I got on line that same evening , the price had changed and I ended up paying $150 more than was originally posted. Calling customer service did no good as they said they could not do anything as the seat sale seats had been fully booked. Why don't they tell us that there are only a limited number of web saver seats?? Did anyone know that? To add insult to injury, the websaver email I just received,(a week later) has the same flight posted at the original lower price --$150.00 less than I paid a week ago when supposedly "the sales seats were sold out"!!! Unfair practises, Air Canada. Shame on you!

LMSRead More
What a waste of my time and yours, managment can not be bothered to hire staff then they should not stay in the airline industry.

How about a 1 888 customer care number??? OR DO YOU NOT CARE??? I GUESS NOT!

As a proud canadian I would like to support my fellow workers, but this is horrible service!

Air Canada is in need of new managment, support YOUR staff!!!!


RajvinderRead More
10/17/2011 Air Canada (Canada) - You charge enough for about hiring
You charge enough for about hiring more telephone reps so customers don't have to wait an hour to speak to someone. While you're at it, also invest money into customer service training as well. You're telephone reps are the worst I've ever dealt with!!!!

T. BurtonRead More
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