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9/3/2010 Air India Airlines in India - Good morning, we would like to report a very
Good morning, we would like to report a very unpleasant accident occured this summer, on August 19th. We needed to fly Chennai/Trivandrum. At Chennai airport we were told there were no direct flights to Trivandrum (due to Onnam festival in Kerala). The only possibility was to go through Bangalore. We paid our ticket Chennai/Bangalore. This was fine. Once in Bangalore we paid to Air India two tickets to Trivandrum (business class, since there was no availability in economy) BY CASH (IRP 30,00). Apparently there was no other way to pay (no credit card - no debit card), though this seems amazing in Bangalore! The very annoying fact was that the flight took us back to Chennai, then to Trivandrum. We lost the whole day going back and forth.
We would be pleased to receive an explanation, if possible.
Looking forward to your kind reply.
Yours sincerely Mariangela Fardella - Giorgio Azzaroli, Milan (Italy)

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