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12/20/2016 Just picked up My Alamo rental, and am looking to
Just picked up My Alamo rental, and am looking to cancel and never use Alamo EVER again. The experience was absolutely awful. I visited the Dallas Love field Office, and picked up my car today December 20th, 2016. The Front Desk guy was so rude, and Alamo is so old school on their CC information, Adding Drivers, Etc. Then when I get to the car, it looks as if someone smashed into 50 curbs, the tires were very damaged, and the inside of the car was dirty with footprints all over the back seat? I typically use Hertz and will do so in the future. Very disappointing.

Ricky Hawkins Read More
10/18/2016 Alamo - We rented a car in Ft. Lauderdale airport. When
We rented a car in Ft. Lauderdale airport. When we went to pick u our car we noticed that the check air bag light was on, Pamala McNish went out of her way to make sure we had a substitute car. It was very busy and she actually called and had one brought up so we would not have to wait in line again. she was friendy, professional and you can tell she enjoyed her job and was a people person. This is why we always rent from ALAMO. service and price

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5/28/2016 Alamo - We rented a car through the airline at Ft.
We rented a car through the airline at Ft. Lauderdale and when we got to the counter we immediately were told to go wait in the middle of the room when there were NO customers in line......THEN Yaniel with ALAMO was very RUDE and scammed us into paying an extra $250 on top of the already $275 rental through the airport......He said this $250 was for taxes and fees and when I threw a fit and told him that was insane for the taxes and fees to be more than the car rental he just stood there and lied to us and said that because we booked through the airline they didn't know what they were doing and charged us the wrong amount...then when I explained that NO they did not because my aunt does this all the time and never has this problem......He then said well I guess it's because of the Memorial Day week (which was the next week). So after arguing with him I became VERY MAD and just paid so we could get out of there but I did tell him I was going to check it out. Come to find out Shanise at the exit told us we paid for extra insurance that was optional and thank goodness she credited it back to out card. This Yaniel is a very RUDE and unprofessional employee who needs to be reprimanded.......This made our FIRST car rental a living NIGHTMARE!!! Thanks to Shanise, we got our money back and were on our way.

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1/18/2016 I tried to make a complaint on the Alamo website
I got a great deal on Expedia and when I got to the desk at the Phoenix counter the check in guy showed me terrible and horrible road conditions and said I should probably upgrade to a 4wd 'luxury vehicle' to ensure getting to my destination in Sedona. $500 later I took the bait and steamed all the way up the freeway, with no delays and with some snowflakes on the windshield but none on the roadway.

I know I should have done more due diligence but I found no weather hazards on any website before my travel and we were on a deadline at my destination. The agent cautioned that the 'luxury 4wd cars' were selling out fast and there were only a few left. Needless to say, I just did my last stand at the Alamo desk.

I tried to make a complaint on the Alamo website but it keeps showing the link to their customer service e-mail is 'broken or missing!"

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11/5/2015 Alamo - We were duped. PHX airport, 14 Oct 2014.Guy at
We were duped. PHX airport, 14 Oct 2014.
Guy at desk...pulled up our name, found our reservation. Good but shoot, told me I didn't need any #s, reservation info via prepaid package with Orbitz.
Whoopie, here's a free upgrade. Well, it was not a free upgrade.
Instead, charged us full price, slapped it all on our credit card.
I will not deal again with Alamo.

Helen Read More
11/4/2015 Alamo - Arrived PHX with a prepaid car contract via Orbitz
Arrived PHX with a prepaid car contract via Orbitz.
Clerk at counter....
Pulled up our name, told us no need for any codes, reference from Orbitz.
Then...was told "free upgrade."
Heck, we are now $300+ a few bucks in the red for that "deal."
Shoot, we were charged for the upgrade, added insurance & extra taxes, etc. based on the supposedly "free upgrade."
Because that fellow at the counter....basically lied, did not reference our Orbitz contract and duped us into the upgrade & extra fees....we are angry.
Very angry.

Helen Read More
9/22/2015 Alamo facility at Miami International Airport - Rude Manager
On Monday, September 21st, I visited Alamo facility at Miami International Airport. I had a reservation number 27-2077002 with a price reserved to be $250 for 12 days, no including insurance. At the time to pay with credit card, we showed a previous contract, elapsed that day, with a better price. We got this deal from another employee the day before. The Unit Manager Mr. Alipio Vasquez, request from us to review that previous contract but we refused to show him the contract because we knew he was going to go over the employee that gave us the deal and we did not want to involve the employee in any trouble.
His reaction was really rude and he ask us to leave the store "get out of here, leave this store". Of course, Alamo has a lot of customers, but we this manager behavior, Alamo lost one customer. Consider carefully who manage your facilities. These type of people is good for nothing.

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9/7/2015 I reserved a car from Alamo a month before my trip
I reserved a car from Alamo a month before my trip to a Las Vegas wedding.
When I went to the car rental counter the morning of the wedding I was told I had to have a copy of my flight itinerary. Because I could not produce this, Alamo would not rent a car to me even though I had paid $32.90.
I chose to rent from Budget car rental and was scalped for $218.90 for a Hyundai Accent. I recommend Enterprise, they have been great in the past.

Jack Read More
8/21/2015 Where can I file a complaint about Alamo Rent A Car?
Where can I file a complaint about Alamo Rent A Car?

Hi, can you tell me the appropriate email or telephone number to discuss a complaint with an Alamo rental business?

Alisa Read More
8/2/2015 Alamo - n July 2015, I rented a car for a week in For
n July 2015, I rented a car for a week in For Lauderdale, Florida at Alamo. At the last minute, my plans changed, my credit card got compromised to a confusing nightmare that involved my hotel stay, airline airfare and car rental. I called and spoke to Alamo representative Wellington. He instructed me to stop by and that he would assist me in updating my rental information and answer any questions. The next day, he straightened out the confusion and sent me on my way. I wish I could say the same about my hotel stay and airfare. Wellington made things right, and I am so grateful that at least Wellington addressed my rental car problem properly. I travel extensively for work and will not hesitate to rent from Alamo exclusively. Keep up the good work Wellington! You know the meaning of customer service!

Alisa Read More
7/7/2015 Alamo - Rented a car from the West Palm Beach airport for
Rented a car from the West Palm Beach airport for the 4th of July holiday weekend and had the BEST experience. We have rented a lot of cars over the years and have never had a better experience than this one. Daniel helped us get our rental and went above and beyond for us. Upon our return everyone was very helpful and polite too. Would highly recommend Alamo to all my friends and family.

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6/23/2015 Alamo has made a negative impression on us.
We traveled on may 2015 Reservation 88sss##3339268 with Gate 1 Travel were they had prepaid car rental with Alamo. On may 19,2015 we dropped off at the San Diego airport a car rented to Alamo.
At that time we were required to sign a credit card voucher for the amount of $421.19 eventhough we clarified that we had already paid Gate1 Travel for said rental. We were told that it was only for paper work of Alamo. Today we received our credit card bill and on 5/21/2015 the amount of $421.19 was charged by Alamo car rental.
Since Gate 1 was responsible for the reservations, we sent an email to them to clarify this situation immediately , although we are trying to make a stop payment with my bank.

This action from Alamo has made a negative impression on us.

Maria Aviles Read More
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