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Albertsons Corporate Office Headquarters
250 Parkcenter Blvd.
Boise, ID 83706 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-208-395-6200
Fax Number: 1-208-395-6349

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1-877-932-7948 Review Needed Please Comment


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5/31/2016 Albertsons - The al retains in Sherman Texas has improved it's
The al retains in Sherman Texas has improved it's store floors but given up on politeness. I have been there twice this week and bought food that was priced at a different, lower price than came up on their register. When I apologized and asked for the right price I was treated rudely by both clerks. I don't set prices.... So when I am over charged I should not be insulted......when I ask for the marked price..z

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6/12/2014 Albertsons - I am a unsatisfied Customer of Albertons on
I am a unsatisfied Customer of Albertons on Sepulveda and Main located in Carson. ?After speaking with the store director Miss Carr after a few days of missing her call I could since the annoyance in her voice........ After caliing first thing this morning and being told by her accountant she was gone for the weekend I called back and we finally spoke . She explained to me that it was her store and her stores only policy not to personalize a customer order in the Butchers block do to food waste that would cost her store money.....FUNNY...........because I have never had this problem at any other Albertsons...... After having an incident were one of her butchers humiliated be and was down right rude after offending me and I was still being polite after complaining about his rude demeanor constantly towards me . Her reply was the Employee takes medicine and she is working with him......I to take Medicine and I am not that rude. I then tried to offer a solution telling her that maybe should only visit the store in the mornings when he is not there she Explained that he works all hours I guess I can't shop there anymore ..............I feel strongly about being insulted and traumatize while shopping when there are so many other stores can choose from....... But I can't help but wonder why she would mention the Black Butcher that works there when he wasn't even a part of my complaint ......She went on to explain that she had to reprimand him for not being alert to customers needs .............I have never had the experience with him and he was not the issue .......It was her Butcher Micheal that was giving me all the lip and insulting me and her newly promoted courtesy clerk........... So why was the black guy brought up........... Was it because I was a black customer complaining and that so they decided to lean on him and she was sublimely letting me know if I cause problems by complaint that they would take it out on him .I had spoke to another of her assistants in depth and he had a better customer care mannerism than her .........I know she has been with the company for 38 years and maybe it's time she retitre because she is so out of touch with her customers............ Now I feel insulted twice and will never shop at that Albertsons again ......and to bad because it's one of the nicer ones ..........She also mentioned that her Sister runs the Albertson on Main and Carson St that I will drive pass every time and spend my money at Ralphs.........That store is the worst in customer service and their Butcher Block is one of the worst I have ever ever encountered .............I hope this will reach the Area Director of Albertson so he can at least be aware of what is going on and how customers r being treated........... But here a positive Lomita Albertson's on PCH is #1 it customer service is unbeatable Maybe they should give that Manger Ms Carr job.............. Feeling stressed out from how I was treated .........And yes I also take medication but not once was I indignant or rude to these Employees

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