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12/19/2015 Amana side by side refrigerator-freezer is nothing but junk
I leave in Hawaii. I bought my side by side refrigerator-freezer in 2013. Since last July, I have had nothing but trouble with this piece of junk!!!!!! I bought it from Best buy and when their liability was over I have insurance with the company on the mainland. But there service affiliates where only one. In Mililani and came to Hawaii Kai on certain days during the week. I called the repeatedly but their customer service dept never ever returned any of my calls or did their service man.The customer service in this company is a big disgrace for other people in the business. They made me a whole new door for the freezer side but blamed it off the weather, The service man put on the new door, then found out the water hose in the back was broken. I talked to his boss and she told me that the ordered the new part on Dec18, he came out on the 9 of Dec.I need some help from someone who has the balls to do something about this big problem that I have?

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10/11/2013 Amana - I bought the type 25MSSA two door at Home Depot.
I bought the type 25MSSA two door at Home Depot. Right from the start there was snow build up between the bottom of the ice machine and the door. I called for service and was told that while this was inconvenient, if it did not interfere with the performance of the refrigerator it was not covered by the warranty and I would have to pay $75 min plus parts.

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9/24/2013 Dear SirsPlease let me have the Amana
Dear Sirs
Please let me have the Amana (refrigulator) customer services centers telphone contact nos in West Malaysia?

Chee Soo Meng Read More
6/21/2013 Problem with Amana refrigerator 22 cu ft
Problem with Amana refrigerator 22 cu ft bottom-freezer 12830902. Have replaced computer-related control in the last year and now this week a new defrost control board. The parts and labor costs total more then half of the purchase price of the appliance. The product was purchased not all that long ago and as a consumer the expectation is that this product should be trouble-freee with good care and in a controlled temperature environment for many, many years. Prior to that a like-refrigerator with the Whirlpool name which was approximately five years old had multiple problems as well. Thinking a lemon had been purchased the first time around and with the knowledge that Amana makes this particular refrigerator for the Whirlpool Corporation It was replaced with the Amana brand. The Whirlpool Corporation has always been known for good quality control. Both refrigerator purchases have proved to be disappointing. I would be hard-pressed to ever order an Amana product again based on this two time experience. Please comment on your thoughts.

Corinne Read More
2/12/2013 Amana - dear sirplease send pdf attachment the spare
dear sir
please send pdf attachment the spare parts sheet shown the spare parts number for Amana microwave model ALD10T for we can select the spare parts we need then we order
We Would Highly Appreciate Your Utmost Consideration With Positive Reply And Looking Forward To Your Favorable Reply.

Best Regards
Sincerely Yours

ABDULLATIF Ahmad Akech Read More
9/20/2012 Amana - The above number is only for small appliance and
The above number is only for small appliance and refrigerators/freezers. The first time I called the voice response asked numerous questions. Since none of the ? met my needs I called back and pressed the operator key right away. The voice response then asked only 2 questions and connected me to a live person. I needed to call about my 2 year old furnace for warranty info and the number the person gave me was totally wrong. The person at the number they gave me said Goodman Mfg handles warranty info for Amana heaters/air conditioners. They didn't even know their phone#, I found it online, 800 254-4729. I also saw on their website
that the furnace would have to be registered with them within 60 days of the installation. Since the company who installed it for me is out of business I see that as a problem, sometimes in my life it's best to move on than get into the fight of my life. It all boils down to DON'T PURCHASE AN AMANA FURNACE OR AIR CONDITIONING SYSTEM, it was the air not working in July the heat not working in Sept for me.

sheryl Read More
7/5/2012 Amana - I purchased a 20 cf upright freezer in February
I purchased a 20 cf upright freezer in February 2011. I had a repair man here in March 2011 because I could see light around the outside right side of the seal. Because the light was on continuously, it kept the inside warm therefore the freezer ran nonstop for 6 weeks. Now, the inside keeps frosting up on the top. Because it is no longer in warranty, I called a different repair company. The person that came out said that the hole inside of door is falling part - defective mold. The seal at the top of the door is not straight across, nor never was. Because the inside door in collapsing, the seal was and is continuing to sag. I called customer service for the third time today. They said because it is out of warranty they won't do anything about it. I told them it's been a problem since I bought it and they said that I should have told them within 90 days that it wasn't correct. How was I supposed to know that the door/seal weren't made like that? They told me I'd have to purchase a new door for $403.44 plus tax and shipping. They kept bringing up the 'no warranty' and that it would be fixed if I'd have had an extended warranty. I was not offered the warranty when we purchased it (which I told them) and they said I should have gotten a post card reminding me that the warranty period was up. I never received the card and their customer service department doesn't believe me. This is terrible customer service and they don't stand behind their product. Four months out of warranty and I'm stuck with a very large boat anchor.

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5/25/2012 Amana - I am having the same problem - the defrost isn't
I am having the same problem - the defrost isn't working! Very frustrated!

Calyssa Read More
4/19/2011 Amana - I just had my refrigerator/bottom freezer
I just had my refrigerator/bottom freezer repaired. It is only 3 years 8 months old and it needed a new control. I couldn't believe it, the bill was $219.00. I paid almost $900.00 when I bought it, is this what I need to expect every couple of years? I have the old refrigerator in the basement which is almost 18 years old, never had to spend a penny on it. The only reason I got a new refrigerator was to match the stove which I got at the same time. I'm sorry I made that move.

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