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American Airlines is part of the AMR Corporation. American Airlines provides airline jet service to approximately 160 destinations throughout North America, the Caribbean, Latin America, Europe and Asia.

American Airlines USA Corporate
4333 Amon Carter Blvd.
Fort Worth, TX 76155

More Phone Numbers
Corporate Phone Number: 1-817-963-1234 and 1-800-433-7300
Fax Number: 1-817-967-9641
Email Address: [email protected]
Web Services & Tech Support: 1-800-222-2377 Option 1
AA Advantage: 1-800-882-8880
Refund Customer Service: 1-918-254-3777
User Provided Numbers: 1-800-535-5225

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1-800-433-7300 Press 0 at each prompt, ignoring messages.


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1/19/2017 American Airlines - This was my first time flying with American
This was my first time flying with American Airlines We had a great flight on American Airlines. Leaving Greensboro on January 8 at 6;50 am with 8inches of snow on the ground going to Miami to take a cruise , we didn't know if our flight would be cancel. We took off with know problem, we had a woman pilot, she was great no problem. Good flight. We left Miami Saturday night January 14 at 9;50pmon flight 3833. Our flight attendance Nick was the best. When we got on the plane he greeted everyone with a big smile. A smile goes a long way when you have been in a airport for 8 hrs. Nick was very professional, he made sure his passengers was taken care of, he ask all of us if we need anything and let us know exactly were he was at all time. We was a group 10 , everyone was talking about how kind and attentive Nick was to each passenger. I commend Nick for a job well done. Pilot was great also, we had no problem. Will be flying on American again. Thanks for your great service

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1/9/2017 American Airlines - Left cash on plane, in Charlotte, NC at Gate C18
Left cash on plane, in Charlotte, NC at Gate C18 yesterday 01/08/16. Attendant went to look, came back and body language was extremely unusal and he did not make any eye contact with me. Naturally the cash was not found.

Called customer service for another issue and the guy on the phone acted annoyed right away.

Al Read More
1/7/2017 American Airlines - My daughter's flight got cancelled almost 3 HOURS
My daughter's flight got cancelled almost 3 HOURS AGO and they still haven't given anyone their luggage back yet. There are no more flights to Eugene today from LAX so there is no chance she could be moved to another flight sooooooo why aren't they giving the bags back??? I am out of town and can't get to the airport to help and she is too young to effectively handle this. We tried calling American Airlines and they simply have NO customer service. No one was helpful. No one at reservations, no one at the baggage claim phone number. They don't even have a dedicated customer service department!! What??????? This is ridiculous. Thanks, American for no help or even a direct answer.

Donna Read More
1/7/2017 American Airlines - Flight yesterday: I responded to a medical
Flight yesterday: I responded to a medical emergency onboard at the pleading of the steward. I am a nurse. I rendered assistance to a passenger that appeared to have something contagious. The steward and pilot we great. We did a medical landing and medics met us ath the ramp. I have been exposed to something from some one traveling from South Africa that was very ill. American Airlines did nothing to say thanks. I did not assist for gain. I am dedicated to helping others. But not even a pair of gloves to put on. I am now worried and my colleges feel I should report to the Center for Disease control. I tried to call American Airlines Customer services. NO such live person or recording. I went online and after 2 hours filling out forms it would cut me off stating error. This was the third leg of 4 flights. I had issues with each flight. American Airlines needs to improve.

Good Samaritan Read More
1/6/2017 American Airlines - While booking a flight for my son and I, the page
While booking a flight for my son and I, the page would not let me accept the insurance policy. This continues for a considerable amount of time regardless of accepting or rejecting the insurance. When I call technical support I am told that this issue has been occurring and get apologies when the tech can not fix the issue. I am connected to an agent who can see what I was attempting to do online and completes the purchase at the Internet rate. I am told I will have a confirmation within 24 hours.

The next evening when I have no confirmation I call again and am told by agent Rose Taylor that the reservation was cancelled. She is very helpful and apologetic when she again sees all the information I entered; she again gives me the same flight and rate.

While I am pleased with agent Taylor, I am very frustrated that I spent at least 90 minutes between the 2 evenings trying to get and the repurchase these tickets. I also am hoping for an explanation as to why my reservation was cancelled.

Linda the supervisor explains that it was cancelled from the Internet 2 minutes after it was purchased. This is clearly infuriating because the internet probably timed out without me ever making the purchase on line. This is why I said I was calling in the first place.

Linda had no real answers other than to insist that they followed policy. Maybe, but their policy cost me a tremendous amount of time to book a flight twice. I also have to worry about being double billed.

I am not sure what I wanted from the manager but maybe some recognition that this is a large inconvenience and really difficult for a person to understand how this would happen. Instead, while she had no answers for me she was clearly put out that I was calling, even though my call did emphatically state how helpful the second agent was.

It was just a clear message of buy the ticket and be happy with it. We are not interested in any of the troubles our system caused you.

Bill Read More
1/3/2017 American Airlines - My grand daughter was on a week long trip with a
My grand daughter was on a week long trip with a group to London for the New Year Day parade. On the flight back her AA flight was canceled in Philadelphia. So she is scheduled for school the next morning and no way to get to St Louis which is actually five hours from her home. Now she has been sitting for a couple of hours in the plane waiting to go to New York...and try to catch a plane to St she has been told that the plane is delayed. But that the next flight she is trying to catch is also delayed so they have no idea when she will get to St Louis anyway. AA doesn't care about it's customers. That is plain to see.

Victoria Read More
12/28/2016 American Airlines - On 12/26/16, I was on AA flight #2389 out of
On 12/26/16, I was on AA flight #2389 out of Dallas/Ft. Worth originating in Philadelphia wth destination of John Wayne airport. PNR: DUNQJW. The date of purchase was 11/27/16. I had to purchase a middle seat. The roundtrip price for myself and my husband was $1,574.47.
Unfortunately the passenger on the window side was approximately 350 lbs with a very large waist/hips. She required a seat belt extender. She was literally spilling over into half of my seat. Even sitting as close as I politely could to the passenger on the aisle, her body was pressing into me and my left arm was actually resting on her. It was fortunate for the 2 on either side that I only weigh 100lbs.
Needless to say, it was one of the more uncomfortable and claustrophobic plane rides I've ever had, I feel that since I only had half a seat, I should only have to pay half the price for that leg of the trip.
Also, might I suggest a BMI or waist circumference limit to better match the passenger to the seat width. Perhaps if the passenger exceeds that limit, they can have the option to purchase the adjacent seat. Or have some seats that are wider than the average seat for the obese patron.
Thank you for your consideration.

Amanda Marmolejo

Amanda Read More
12/23/2016 American Airlines - Our family purchased tickets 6 weeks in advance
Our family purchased tickets 6 weeks in advance and were not given the option to sit together on a fairly expensive vacation trip. I called their reservation desk to coordinate seats in at least a grouping of two since we have children and they were completely uncooperative in assigning us paired seats unless we paid $50 additional per seat to be together, PER Flight!! I will be giving Ameriscam Airlines $10,000 of free advertising to all of my friends and our company to NOT fly this airline due to their poor customer service and inattentiveness to our needs. I am amazed at how this company has gone downhill in a couple of years.

Parke Pirkey Read More
12/22/2016 American Airlines - long delay 6 hours missed connecting.flight. 4
long delay 6 hours missed connecting.flight. 4 hour delay.Will never fly aa again

Daniel Read More
12/22/2016 Got a call from American Airlines yesterday. I
Got a call from American Airlines yesterday. I had bought tickets to Merida, Mexico in October. Now with a couple of days to the flight, AA informs me they are reneging on the agreement and will no longer fly to Merida. I asked if they knew of anyone else who had a similar flight – “We don’t recommend others". They offered to strand me in a foreign country over a hundred miles from Merida, but otherwise – tough [email protected]

After thinking about it, I called back and got the “I’m sorry we caused you a problem, but I’m not going to help you at all" supervisor. I asked for the return of my money. In essence, she told me to go on line, fill out several forms (each form - 4 times), and beg for my money. AA would then think about it and return it if and when they felt like it. I asked what if I were computer illiterate, and they said “go find someone to do it for you". AA’s policy is online “only".

I did not cancel the flight – AA did at the eleventh hour. And yet they placed the onus to repair the situation on me. Their supervisor essentially told me that if I did not jump through whatever hoops or over whatever impediments AA placed in my way, my money would not be returned. It’s “policy".

Absolutely the worst.

brent Read More
12/9/2016 American Airlines - I don't usually write reviews, but when looking
I don't usually write reviews, but when looking for a customer service number I stumbled across all these comments. I too had a bad experience when flying home from Philadelphia, PA on a DIRECT flight to Bangor, ME. There was a family off to the side who had been waiting for quite sometime and were about to miss their flight becuase no one apparently cared to help them resolve whatever the issue was that they had been asked to step to the side for. The whole check in process was a cluster and there were only 3 people in line. Somehow, on a DIRECT flight my luggage was lost. When I arrived in Bangor, ME I was originally told it was on the next flight in at 10:30 pm (it was 6:00 PM). My husband and I hummed and hawed for a bit and decided since we had a 2.5 hour drive we would just get it in the morning via courier. The morning came and went and somehow it still did not make it on a plane from Philadelphia. Long story short, 2 days later it finally arrived. I am now trying to get my daughter home and see the pet policy is vague to say the least. She has a very small bunny rabbit that we are hoping can make the trip with her, but it is like an act of congress to even get a live person on the phone to ask. IF she can bring it, it appears (cats and dogs listed only) it is $125.00 EACH WAY!!! WHAT????? Ridiculous!

Kim Read More
11/30/2016 American Airlines - I can hardly wait to fly American next month.
I can hardly wait to fly American next month. Their customer service agent just hung up on me.

Cheryl Read More
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