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American Airlines is part of the AMR Corporation. American Airlines provides airline jet service to approximately 160 destinations throughout North America, the Caribbean, Latin America, Europe and Asia.

American Airlines USA Corporate
4333 Amon Carter Blvd.
Fort Worth, TX 76155

More Phone Numbers
Corporate Phone Number: 1-817-963-1234 and 1-800-433-7300
Fax Number: 1-817-967-9641
Email Address: [email protected]
Web Services & Tech Support: 1-800-222-2377 Option 1
AA Advantage: 1-800-882-8880
Refund Customer Service: 1-918-254-3777
User Provided Numbers: 1-800-535-5225

Phone Number

1-800-433-7300Press 0 at each prompt, ignoring messages.


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9/27/2016 American Airlines - have been witing 3 months for a refund that now
have been witing 3 months for a refund that now has no record and am out 500$$ i will never deal with this airline again.. agents have been very rude and not very helpful one who i just spoke with insinuated i was lying because i did not send in a death certificate or go through the customary refund process and my information could not have been accessed with the information given when it had been 3 days prior with exact same information... Very very bad experience so much so i will not be using AA ever again...

mellisaRead More
9/20/2016 American Airlines - Just had a most pleasant encounter with Ian from
Just had a most pleasant encounter with Ian from customer service. He assisted in getting me credited with mileage earned on a partner airline and with miles for a future planned trip. While on the line he also signed my wife up for the AA mileage program, at my request. He was patient, diligent, and very easy to work with.
Customer service is one of the most challenging jobs around - I know from personal dealings with the public for many years. My day would not be complete without a special tip of the hat to Ian. Thak you, and thanks American Airlines.

TomRead More
9/18/2016 American Airlines - My daughter is flying alone via BOS PHX KOA today.
My daughter is flying alone via BOS PHX KOA today. She was checked in and was told to get in the line over there. She did not know it was the wait list line. They gave away her seat that I paid extra for. The customer service agent Kenneth B gave her a hard time and made her cry and refused to help her get on the next flight route PHX HNL KOA. The man behind her was able to get his flight changed to that later route. American customer service: "Mean people suck!" Power does not give you the right to hurt people.

JackRead More
9/16/2016 American Airlines - Where do I begin. On our return trip from
Where do I begin. On our return trip from Louisville Ky our plane experienced a mechanical issue. As a result, we sat in the plane for nearly 2 hours. We finally made it to Albuquerque but, we missed our connecting flight to Roswell (last flight to Roswell was at 6). We originally purchased our tickets to fly out of and into Roswell on our return trip. The ticket agent in Louisville told us all we had to do is
call American airlines and fill out a few papers and we would get reimbursed the flight from Albuquerque to Roswell and the cost of the car we had to rent to get home. Well, after a MONTH of dealing with the most incompetent people I have ever spoken to. My wife and I gave up. We are out nearly $350.00. It may not be anything to you AA. But, it certainly is lot of money those of us who have to pay college tuiton, books meal plans, etc....As a Marine Corps Veteran of the Gulf War and currently a school teacher. I spoke to my students about integrity, compassion, honesty, competence and respect towards your fellow man and woman. Unfortunately, your company does not exhibit any of these qualities. I hope that your people in charge read this note and do what's in the best interest of their customers instead of just trying to line their pockets with people's hard earned money. When you pay for a service the customer should expect that service to be fulfilled and if not reimbursed for the services not attained. Maybe you should look in the mirror Mr.or Ms. CEO and remember who pays your salary.If not the customer than who?

A Very Dissatisfied Customer

Frankie ARead More
9/15/2016 American Airlines - Don't usually fly American and certainly will not
Don't usually fly American and certainly will not in the future if I have a choice.
1. Charges for window and isle seats & priority boarding (to insure you have enough OH space to place your carry-on); come on man-how much does the flight cost?...mine started at $564.00 and ballooned up to 687.20!
2. Jet for Flight 1213 on 13 Sep 2016 arrived 2 hours late to San Antonio from DFW (the hub) due to a tire change at have all night detect and change a tire--pilot shouldn't find it during a walk-around. Departed two hours late, then no inflight service SA-Tulsa--no turbulence warranting the skip IMO, nor announcement to that effect; Grouchy flight attendants (though I can understand that)
3. Swapped to later flight in DFW after missed connection and all my "upgrades" were lost...Boo.
4. New Jet replacing missed flight 1292 from DFW to Tulsa was then aborted due to a rag being found in the intake of engine--good catch during walk-around and great decision but seriously, this was the second maintenance fail in one day that occurred AT THE HUB.
5. Switch to second aircraft at DFW resulted in an hour delay due to issue regarding placarding. ..again MX issue at the hub.
6. Finally arrived at 6:53 pm, 5 hours past 1:50 pm schedule--the whole process seemed like a circus, maintenance issues, boarding & re-ticketing, unfriendly flight attendants, skipped in-flight service, lost upgrades; on the way home, 14 Sep for the last hop my (upgraded) widow exit row seat suddenly became a middle seat when the jet was switched form 737-800 to MD S-80.
By the way I am a retired career military pilot with an airline transport pilot rating, and flown 10 million miles if I've flown a one (and fly often now for biz), with multiple commercial air carriers, Mil transport and fighter aircraft in nearly every conceivable circumstance; my tolerance for buffoonery is usually pretty high--in aviation stuff happens, but on this trip American exceeded my tolerance for buffoonery. Two stars.

RonRead More
9/8/2016 American Airlines - Will never fly American again as long as you have
Will never fly American again as long as you have the rip off policy of charging outrageous amounts to change a flight over a month in advance. So ridiculous!!!!!!!!!!! I had to change my flight because of work related issues that came up. I work for Sheriffs Dept. (CSI) for Douglass county in Omaha, Ne. Changed to one week later. So frustrating. I will spread the word to never fly with American to everybody I know.
Sincerely, Amy Moore

Amy MooreRead More
9/7/2016 American Airlines - Terrible! Had a 4 hour layover in Charlotte &
Terrible! Had a 4 hour layover in Charlotte & they still couldn't manage to get my bag on the plane. In Dayton (my destination) the agent lied to me and said it was headed back as we speak & I would have with in a few hours. Here it is the next day - bag just arrived in Dayton. Won't get it until 24 hours later at the earliest.

AMRead More
9/4/2016 American Airlines - Got to my gate B1 in ABQ @ 300pm on Sunday Sept
Got to my gate B1 in ABQ @ 300pm on Sunday Sept 4th.
The flight was leaving 314pm and door was still open.
Gate agents Sharon and Yvette told me they could not let me on. The rule is you can still get on if you get there 10 minutes before. They just did not want to bother. American needs to know why people don't want to fly them... It's all about POOR customer service. Unfortunately when us airways and American merged, the culture kept the poor customer service attitude of US Airways.

ChristineRead More
8/27/2016 American Airlines - I couldn't wait to get home to send this. Was on
I couldn't wait to get home to send this. Was on flight 0113. August 26,2016 coming from Spain. That crew was absolutly AMAZING. They all worked so hard and very well together . I fly all the time and to see such a great team working so well together was refreshing. Thank you so much everyone. I really hope this gets passed along.

MaryRead More
8/27/2016 American Airlines - I have been so disappointed with AA flight
I have been so disappointed with AA flight cancellations that they have forced me to schedule flights with other airlines. I traveled with 9 family members among them two seniors who needed to use wheelchairs (they were provided). We were told after boarding the plane and waiting for an hour + that we could not fly into La Guardia airport because of their curfew law and the pilot repeated he didn't even know there was going to be be a flight to La GuRdia. We found out later that the pilot chose not to fly the airplane. It's hard to understand how this is possible when the flight had been reserved previously. The staff was a mixed bag some were sympathetic and tried to help others didn't care. Customer service in NY was awful. We asked for help and they told me to google the request, one of the agent began to give me analogies of why I should google the. The is so much more to say but I don't even know if anyone will read this. In the future I will return to cruising.

Diana Read More
8/26/2016 American Airlines - I had two flights for last year. Scheduled to fly
I had two flights for last year. Scheduled to fly in October 2015. I tried to use these tickets for September 2016. I was told last year that these tickets had to be used in one year. Because they were purchased 9/7/15, I am told I cannot use the tickets.

I sent three emails to customer service. No reply. I called several times and no agent would approve use of the ticket.

This is terrible customer service.

DavidRead More
8/21/2016 American Airlines - I cant agree more with all the complaints. my son
I cant agree more with all the complaints. my son and I missed our flight due to them being late getting in. next available flight was 18 hours later. was told not their fault. I was on my own for dinner. hotel room, etc. they would not do anything. charlotte NC is the worst AA employees I have encountered. not only are they rude they are very disrespectful and they do NOT car about customer service or their customers. I will be doing all I can to NEVER fly American again.

mattRead More
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