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American Bath Factory is committed to creating superior bath products along with a complete assistance for our customer that insures a seamless process from finding your style, making the order, getting the products and even the installation.

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1-800-454-2284Review Needed Please Comment


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10/20/2010 American Bath Factory - Wow Linda I thought it was me. Same issues with
Wow Linda I thought it was me. Same issues with the sistine shower unit. Poor grout that came with the unit, it has srunk and crack with in a few months. The unit has several issues with locking out water and creating barriers to stop the flow of water. The seals in the hand unit have needed to be replaced twice and still leak. This from a $2,500 unit!!!! Trying to work with the company, but I feel that I willl have resolve the issue myself. Been thinking of putting some tiles over where the panels meet to create another barrier for the water not just a grout/silicon.

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6/9/2010 We are very unhappy with our American Bath Factory
We are very unhappy with our American Bath Factory shower unit. The seat does not fit properly, water is getting behind the seat and the liquid nails is running out under the seat. The glass door does not fit well. Our contractor has been in contact with the company and also with Lowes, [where we purchased the unit]. Thw company does NOT stand behind the product.

lindaRead More
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