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American DJ offers a wide range of lighting products, including intelligent DMX moving heads, sound-activated club effects, gobo projectors, LED lighting, fog and special effects machines, lasers, stage par cans, low resolution video screens, and indoor and outdoor architectural lighting, as well as lighting controllers and control software.

American DJ Inc. Corporate Office Headquarters HQ
6122 S. Eastern Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90040
Fax Number: 1-323-725-6100
Phone Number: 1-323-582-2650

Phone Number

1-323-582-2650Review Needed Please Comment


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10/29/2013 American DJ - Please come to our birthday party on march 26 so
Please come to our birthday party on march 26 so call or give an email and let me now

jaydenRead More
3/5/2013 American DJ - CRAP CRAP CRAP.....just got some new lights and
CRAP CRAP CRAP.....just got some new lights and all get is a very quick flash of lights then nothing, on the back panle it reads "CobS" what a waist of money...£119.00

PeterRead More
11/30/2010 American DJ - Hello i am a future employee ???.My name is F V
Hello i am a future employee ???.My name is F V and i have a fresh and new line of lighting{with accessories}to bring to the table . This project was designed in your backyard . There are millions of dollars waiting to be collected from this new concept. One that has been overlooked even by your lighting techs and specialists,and yet so simple and cheaper than all your lighting to manufacture.It would also replace some of your sales from what you sell now to what the consumer will be buying .It would be in the best interest of both the reader of this message and myself ,that it be delivered to a corprate representitive who is in charge of new product design handling of new employees.I can be reached at .I want a 2 year contract. salary plus small quarterly sales commissions .I want my first two years salary up front so i can make the transition closing down my buiseness and settling into my new chicago based labratory.I will turn over what i have {my concept , tested models and acceseries} to american dj with the signing of the two year contract plus first two years salary,then your sales will sore threw the roof with no expected competition for the first two years..sales ought to reach new record numbers .. for all...thanks for your time ..P.S. it will cost you a two year contract plus my first two years salary up front to even look at my product..Also you have only one chance to reveiw and except this offer {welcome to online or phone interview} or the stakes will get higher , or i may decide to look elsewhere for a contract with other venue.thanks for your time

F V Read More
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