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Anderson Windows Parts: 1-877-835-9090
Andersen Corporation Annually manufactures more than six million wood windows and doors, with sales worldwide.

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8/23/2016 Anderson Windows - In March I ordered 5 A series triple glaze windows
In March I ordered 5 A series triple glaze windows from Anderson to complete the restorations and upgrades to this early 1900's house. When May rolled around and I had removed 3 of the old windows covering them with plywood anticipating their arrival, I was informed that the order had been re-written not once but 3 times and that each time my order was placed at the bottom of the factory order list. When the windows finally arrived, the color we chose was incorrect the quantities were wrong and one size obviously was for someone else's order. Once more the order was placed and again a tedious wait for the windows to arrive. This time the 4 windows arrived correct size and correct color it is now July hot, steamy and buggy just what I tried to avoid ordering them early. The large picture window was to be delivered later. When it arrived, the attachment fin (nailing fin) was not made to accommodate the exterior trim which snaps on. Likewise the Prairie grill work on the window was missing. A call to the factory person Jamie informed me that the area tech would be out to install the grill work. I asked to have the attachment strips drop shipped so I could continue applying the clapboards. No the rep will have them and install them. It is now the 22nd of August and still not a word from the area tech. I was told he would be here no the 22nd to complete the missing parts, but now I am told he will call which has not happened. I have no recourse but to write the CEO since customer service is a disaster. It is a shame since the windows that did arrive look great, expensive but great looking.

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7/8/2016 Anderson Windows - Took me 5 minutes to reach someone but it was
Took me 5 minutes to reach someone but it was smooth sailing after that...... Sarah took my information and systematically figured out what part I needed for my broken lock on sliding class door. Very courteous, very helpful, very patient, very knowledgable, that's Sarah!.......wonderful experience from Anderson company!

Anastasia Read More
5/17/2016 Anderson Windows - I called concerning our AW windows installed in
I called concerning our AW windows installed in the early 90's that replaced an earlier version of AW without the thermopanes.. I always believed that AW were the best available however I'm greatly disappointed that one window has a broken seal and the window turned all cloudy. Three other windows have broken sash ropes and we need to keep the windows in a locked position to keep them in place. I spoke with Tiara, very pleasant person, and she gave me a quote ($382.35) to get them fixed plus labor!!! My husband and me are both in our 80's and not in good enough health to attempt the job ourselves. Needless to say, the windows will stay unfixed. Windows should last many more years with good care. I now know that there are more superior windows than AW and would not recommend them to anyone. Shame on your poor craftsmanship

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4/21/2016 Anderson Windows - my patio door wont open . door handles wont move
my patio door wont open . door handles wont move up or down.

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11/24/2015 If I could rate Anderson Windows lower than 1 star, I would
If I could rate lower than 1 star, I would. Serial #4691301, a Forever door by emco is a joke. I didn't mind that the warranty ran out, but I was unable to replace two spring loaded (plastic) parts that keep the storm window up and locked. They broke and the only answer I got was to purchase the entire window with plastic parts in place. Guess what, there not available. Believe me, I will never purchase a "FOREVER" DOOR" OR ANY ANDERSEN PRODUCTS IN THE FUTURE.

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11/4/2014 Anderson Windows - We purchased an Andersen storm door and after
We purchased an Andersen storm door and after installation noticed that there are dents in the metal frame, under the paint. I have e-mailed photos showing the damage and a copy of the recite. Andersen claims they are not receiving them, but my computer show them as sent and no messages have come up that the message was not delivered. I have e-mailed customer service at their headquarters and not received a reply. It is unbelievable that a major company has such terrible customer service.

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7/26/2014 Are Anderson windows the same than( Andersen )
Are Anderson windows the same than( Andersen ) windows?.
If not, please tell me the difference.
Also let me know about Anderson windows.

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7/7/2014 Anderson Windows - I purchased Anderson 200 series casement windows
I purchased Anderson 200 series casement windows from Home Depot for a sunroom this Spring. The windows look fine on the inside but from the outside when you crank the windows open you see that the vinyl is stapled just past where it looks finished when the window is closed but when opened there is bare wood exposed and the vinyl gaps where it is stapled (in only 2 places). This allows insects to burrow under the vinyl and if the bare wood is exposed to rain the windows will rot from the inside. I have written letters to all executives at Anderson Corp. I could find and had one letter from the President Jay Lund that they were reviewing my request that my windows be replaced and I would hear back. That was a month ago and I have had no response back. Today I attempted to email Jay Lund. I feel this window production should be halted until it is re-configured to cover the opening of the windoy completely with the vinyl. Home Depot had none of these windows on display so that the consumer can be aware of the poor construction.

Sylvia Read More
6/22/2014 we just had Anderson windows installed about 4
we just had Anderson windows installed about 4 weeks ago. when they sold them to us they said just use water and a clean cloth to wash and they would be streak free. That was a lie I have washed our big picture window and it streaks worst then our old window. what do you suggest I do about this?

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11/12/2013 Anderson Windows skylight contracts and cracks
I have contacted Anderson several times and get the standard runaround. They refer me to a local who deals with them and they did send a rep, which found nothing wrong. This skylight(2 of them) contract and expand with a loud "crack" that even makes my 11 year of dog jump. They say it's the house contracting. I've had construction contractor tell me it's the window flexing from the temp. change vs. inside temp. They deal with problems like this all the time. It's been almost 3 months and 3 phone calls to Keim Lumber and they assure me they will check into it. I think customer service with anyone dealing with Anderson Window should take heed before they no longer have a product. People will only take so much. I evened offered to pay for an entire new one so as not to "tax" Anderson and still nothing. Window World, here I come!

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10/8/2013 Anderson Windows - I rated them one star only because Negative Stars
I rated them one star only because Negative Stars are not an options.
Worst experience with a vendor in my entire experience with commercial and residential construction.
Their entire business process is dysfunctional, from screwed up measurements, inaccurately relayed orders, to customer service, to the so-called Initial Quality team to the shipping department.
Jay Lund needs to undergo a thorough process re-engineering and quality upgrade because what he is running now is a total mess.
Unfortunately, I am still stuck with these guys in the middle of trying to fix their mess.
Months into this mess, I have no idea how long the clean up will take.
And I have no idea who at Anderson knows.
I do know nobody at Anderson seems to care.

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9/28/2013 Anderson Windows - Had an excellent experience yesterday with
Had an excellent experience yesterday with Radesha, Katie, and Dakota. Within one hour and 30 min. they had satisfactorily resolved a problem I was having with a 14 year old door and had a new one ordered for me. They were all on the ball, easy to communicate with and HELPFUL. The door should arrive in about 7-10 days.

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