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Ann Taylor, through 346 store locations, competes in the "better" priced category, and caters to the successful, relatively affluent career woman, who needs appropriate, fashion conscious attire for her professional life, and prefers stylish, coordinated looks for her leisure activities.

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4/26/2015 Ann Taylor Stores Corp. - 4/26/2015I HAVE BEEN READING OTHER COMPLAINTS

I HAVE BEEN READING OTHER COMPLAINTS ABOUT CUSTOMER SERVICE. HORRIBLE! I had problems ordering, they kept telling me that the system was down due to up grading. Now I was trying to set up an account on line to pay my bill. It would not accept my bank info. Customer service number isn't even on the statement. I had to get it on line and go through all the automated talk before getting some one. i don't have time to spend trying to pay my bill,therefor, I will not use their card again.

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1/27/2014 Ann Taylor Stores Corp. - I have called customer service numerous times
I have called customer service numerous times since 12/28/13 in order to receive a credit to my account. The merchandise that I ordered on 12/8 was not delivered to my address. I have cancelled the order. I keep being told by "customer service" that it will be credited within 3-5 business days AFTER they fill out a request form. It is now 1/27/2014. I called, once again, only to find out that my "request for refund" has been placed in an "inactive" status.....they must fill out the "request form" again, and it will take 3-5 business days AFTER completing the form, in order to have my account credited. WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER. Not only did they incorrectly process the order, they are reluctant to credit my account. Will never shop here again......

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12/2/2013 Ann Taylor Stores Corp. - Ann Taylor Pentagon City Mall Worst Customer Serivce
Ann Taylor Pentagon City Mall
Worst Customer Service Ever - Name of Associate: ULZI
She needs training about customer service. I feel bad for Ann Taylor to have hired this ULZI. I am a people person and works in hospitality service. I know how it feels when not being treated right. I returned an item and I could not understand how she was explaining it to me and she's making me feel I am stupid that I could not understand her. And when I told her that she's not giving me the right treatment as a valued customer. She answered back and said "What did I do, I'm just explaining it to you", That made me so angry when she answered me back like that....... She needs a training or she should be in the back of the house.

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9/28/2013 Ann Taylor Stores Corp. - I always keep forgetting the really bad quality of
I always keep forgetting the really bad quality of their materials until I find a tiny hole On every piece that I buy there
The total Irresponsible when you come back and you don't have a receive they don't want to do nothing about .
They are completely aware about the poor quality of their material and they don't do nothing about it so we just Need to stop buying there!

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9/15/2013 Ann Taylor Stores Corp. - Just spoke with Customer Service who was pleasant
Just spoke with Customer Service who was pleasant but not able to help with the problem of a faulty zipper on a dress that has never been worn because it has been more than 60 days since it was purchased. We have tried going to different tailors and paying to have it repaired but no one seems to carry any zippers of a similar nature (pink with shiny gold prongs). We did find a tailor who said she fixed the original zipper and charged me to do so but when I got it home it just separated again. NOt really looking for $$$. If another zipper could be sent to us we would pay to have it repaired....Kind of a waste of $$$ to buy a dress and then never be able to wear it!

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9/6/2013 Ann Taylor Stores Corp. - Ann Taylor customer service nice when you buy and rude when you want to return an item
Went into the Crocker Park Ann Taylor, Westlake, Ohio with a friend. I have been purchasing Ann Taylor for twenty years; I recently introduced my friend to Ann Taylor. She purchased over$150.00 in jewelry and the customer service was very warm and friendly. Then, I made a return. The customer service response changed to distant and rude.

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9/4/2013 Ann Taylor Stores Corp. - Hello, I visited your Ann Taylor store in the Colorado Mills - Excellent Service
Hello, I visited your Ann Taylor store in the Colorado Mills mall in Lakewood, Colorado on Monday of the labor day holiday. I was blown away at how awesome the customer service was, many of the other stores I visited had some grumpy and exasperated employees, which is understandable after such a long busy weekend full of sales but the Ann Taylor employees, from those working the floor to the cashiers, were wonderful, very helpful and not a single disengaged employee. I was especially impressed with the ladies working the dressing room, they gave me honest opinions, personally owned the pants I was buying and raved about them, and got me into the right size. All while staying upbeat and with smiles on their faces. I wish I could remember the two ladies who helped me in the dressing room, I think one was names Sophia but I could be wrong, it was a busy day! I also have worked retail for the last few years and I know how hard it is to stay so happy and energetic after a busy sales rush. I just wanted to share my experience with you, and I hope you will pass this along to the Colorado Mills store in Lakewood, CO. Keep up the good work, you made a customer for life!

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8/12/2013 Ann Taylor Stores Corp. - Worst Customer Service at Ann Taylor Stores
I saw a top I liked, but it wasn't available at the store where I was. So I requested that it be ordered for me from another store and shipped. This was in early April 2012. I was told I would not be charged until the item was shipped. Well, I was charged for the top about a week later. Six weeks later, still no top. By this time I decided I no longer wanted it, so I called the store that supposedly had sent it (a task in and of itself) to tell them A) I never got it, so refund my money, and B) just cancel the order. This took at least four phone calls to accomplish. She said it would be easier to challenge it with my Ann Taylor credit card, so that's what I did. The Ann Taylor store claimed it had been sent and the credit card rejected my claim! Yet I still did not have the top. I made MANY phone calls to both Ann Taylor stores' and the Ann Taylor credit card's customer service centers. Neither would do anything to help me. Then what do you know, I was charged for the top AGAIN and it was then mailed to me in early AUGUST-- four months after my original order and two months after I said cancel it. By then I had moved, so the top was sent to the wrong address, thus I never got it. I called the shipping store again, they were very apologetic and said they would refund my money. They did do a refund (and remember I was owed two refunds by this time), but did not refund the shipping cost. Meanwhile someone else got involved and re-charged the money to my account. By this time I was also getting extra fees added to my account.

The regional manager finally got involved and I got a full refund of my money in NOVEMBER 2013. Nearly six months of my life wasted on this stupid thing. Worst customer service experience of my life, bar none.

Then to make matters worse, the rewards coupon I received in the mail did not have an obvious expiration date printed on it the way other stores do. So when I went to use it a month or so after I received it, the coupon had already expired. (And frankly, for what I went through to get that coupon, I should have gotten at least two of them for my time and trouble.)

To top it off, the Ann Taylor credit card is also awful. The site frequently doesn't work. I bought something from AT (first time since last year) and went to pay online last week. The site did not immediately acknowledge the payment and list it as a scheduled payment. The site says scheduled payments may not appear for 30 minutes. So I waited for 45 minutes. Not listed. Never got an email, either. So I tried to go online the next day but the site wasn't working. Ditto the next day. Finally managed to login again this afternoon (the payment due date) to check and sure enough, no scheduled payment is listed. So I had to re-enter it. A ploy for more late fees and interest charges???

That's it, I am DONE with Ann Taylor. I don't like the clothes as much as I used to, anyway. As others have said, the quality has gone way downhill.

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4/26/2013 Ann Taylor Stores Corp. - The worst online shopping experience. The website
The worst online shopping experience. The website is so slow, idling forever.

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4/15/2013 Ann Taylor Stores Corp. - I have to say the worst customer service ever. I
I have to say the worst customer service ever. I am trying to make a payment to Ann Taylor for my loft card. They would not accept my payment at the store. So, I tried making a payment over the phone and they want to charge me a $15.00 fee for making a payment to them. Do you want me to shop at your store and use a Loft card? Apparently not. Guess this card goes away, so does my business.

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1/11/2013 Ann Taylor Stores Corp. - I am having the same problem with tiny holes in
I am having the same problem with tiny holes in the knit sweaters and tees. I am tired of spending my money on disposable clothes. I feel the quality has changed, something has changed and it's not for the better of the customer. I have older pieces from the loft still as good as ever, but my new pieces are the problem. I have a bag full of tops and sweaters that are ruined. I have hand washed, delicate , the sweaters are out of shape and fuzz is clumping around the chest and under arm areas. I have never had this to happen before. I am contacting the corporate office to discuss this matter and to discuss if I want to even be a customer anymore if this is not resolved soon. I am very petite and hard to find my length that is why I have endured this for as long as I have but , I am sad, mad, frustrated and i feel i am spending too much money on my wardrobe by having to go back to buy more tops only to get more holes and out of shape garments!!! I have even showed the store manager. They dont looked surprised, and have swapped them out , but only to get the same result, holes and bad material.Please listen to your customers who are trying to inform you of a very big problem. Most people are upset and I hear them talking within the store but seem to be frustrated as what to do to change the situation which is voice your problem to the manufacturer . It's my hard earned money that I am paying , yes I could shop else where but , I have been and still trying to be a loyal Loft customer. I use to get quality work clothes and jackets , active wear!!! Where have the cute jackets gone, who is the designer ???quality control person gone??? I want the old Loft , Ann Taylor back!!! No holes and out of shape garments. Theses clothes are not cheap!! I want a answer from someone! I want my money back ??? I will give you all the ruined pieces back to examine . They say made in China?? I thought china had quality materials at a lower cost??? I am not trying to bash any company or cause grief, I am only telling the truth to get a answer to what seems to be a customers right when there is a problem. I have read all other complaints and all are the same complaints, so we all can't be bad customers or bad laundry operators !!! Please help!!! Or I am left to solve my problem myself by not spending my money with your company anymore until I see a big overall change within. Sincerely a good customer

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12/3/2012 Ann Taylor Stores Corp. - Changed my mind about Ann Taylor after reading their negative reviews
i was just about to shop at ann taylor but change my mind after reading those negative
comment why are you website so complicated i click on a blouse it didnt say the size. add to the bag is missing

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