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5/12/2014 Applebees - At Applebee's Oxford MS. Out of ribs, out of any
At Applebee's Oxford MS. Out of ribs, out of any fruit drink. No silverware. Waited 40 minutes for food then 15 min fir silverware
What a sad Mothers Day
They ruined it for me! Oh yeah! Service was quick. When time came to pay

NprattRead More
2/15/2014 Disappointed in Applebees Valentines Day Dinner
No one hates to have to do this more than I do, but I feel I really need to for others... Today is Valentines Day and My husband took me and my 82 yr. old mother and my divorced sister and our daughter and two grandkids all out to eat at our AppleBee's here in New Castle , In. We as in myself, my husband, my mother and sister all got there early so we wouldn't have to stand and wait for a seat, we arrived at 4 p.m. and we ask for the big corner booth and the young lady told us NO we have to save that for our bigger parties so we let her no that the rest (3 More) was on their way and she acted like she got made and was very rude. She must have said some thing to our waitress because when she came to our table she was very rude, our daughter and grand kids got there by 15 after and we still had to sit and wait to be waited on for like 15 min. there was several groups of people (6 - 8 )that came in after us and they all got waited on and got there food before we got to even put our order in and when we finally got to order we sat there and a group of 6 came in after we put our order in and they ordered and got their food long before we did.. By the time we got our food that group and several of the others that came in after us had already eat and left, we finally got our food at 3 min. till 6 and by this time we were to mad to even enjoy it, and I never did get all of my order. When the manager finally came out and we ask for the # to Corperate (sp) he refused to give it to us, he said oh why don't you just let me take care of all your orders night and let me just handle it, I told him I expected him to take care of the bill but I still wanted a # to call about this and he wouldn't give it to us...Like I said there was 7 of us and we will never darken the doors of that place again..There was several of our friends there at the time and other customers that saw how we were treated and they also were talking about it... Thanks for your time.

VickieRead More
11/23/2013 Applebees - Your parking for handycap is on the side of
Your parking for handycap is on the side of building, door is on the front of the bilding, now I have a breathing problem,by the time I get to the door, Im so out of breath that I can't get to a seat. this is stuped that handycap pepole have to walk further then normal pepole,You realy need to make a change, It shows that someone was't thinking, about us old pepole.

Lavonne RuleRead More
2/12/2013 Applebees - I went to Applebee's in Nicholasville and the
I went to Applebee's in Nicholasville and the waitress lost my credit card. When I told the manager he said he would credit my bill but did not seem to concerned. The place wasn't busy at the time. I've never ever had this happen in 40 years!

TonyRead More
2/1/2013 Applebees fires waitress over a pastor's no tip
Applebees fires waitress over a pastor's no tip comment

Hey, the pastor get's paid by producers in society. He does not produce anything and his service should be free. Jesus did not take a paycheck.

ChuckRead More
12/21/2012 Applebees - Discrimination is alive and well at Applebee's
Discrimination is alive and well at Applebee's

I went to Applebee's last Friday with my boyfriend to the Snellville location on 124N in Georgia. My boyfriend and I are black. When we walked in the restaurant, we stood to be seated for about two minutes and in walked a party of four white individuals. The Applebee's staff member immediately came out and escorted the party of four to their table and left my boyfriend and I standing trying to figure out what was going on. I requested to speak to the manager who quickly dismissed the situation. At no point did the manager try to remedy the situation. My boyfriend and I left the place thereafter. Discrimination is alive and well at Applebee's.

TickedRead More
11/12/2012 Applebees - We went to Applebee's last night - Veteran's Day
We went to Applebee's last night - Veteran's Day (Hobbs, New Mexico). We were five adults with two of us Veterans. The hostess sat us at a table for four. The restaurant was about half full. I tried to put my booty in this booth but half of me was not cooperating so I pulled up a chair at the end of the table. We were immediately informed that I could not sit at the end of the table. However, there were two high chairs at the end of the tables just down from us. They actually took up more room than I did, plus we were at the end of the row. So we were immediately asked to move to another area. And yes, this table was a table for six and we fit perfectly; however, I now know why this table was available - it was under the air conditioner and it was 40 degrees outside and the A/C was blowing right down on us. So I asked if the A/C could be changed or if we could have another table. It was absolutely freezing. The waiter came over and said he would not be taking our order because he did not know if we would be staying in his area. We waited 15 minutes for someone to acknowledge our request to move or fix the A/C. So I went up to the hostess and asked what was going to be done. She said she did not know. I said could you find out because I am freezing at this table. She walked away from me and started to seat more customers. She came back and I said could you help me please. She was not responsive. I said well I guess I can go to Chili's - she said okay. I asked to talk to the manager and he never appeared. Not only did you lose 5 customers - the five of us all have families and you lost 45 customers. Plus your campaign for the Veterans is a joke. This Applebee's is definitely NOT CUSTOMER SERVICE oriented. I now know why Chili's had a WAIT to be seated and Applebee's was half empty. We had a GREAT experience at Chili's and GREAT food as well.

LaverneRead More
10/24/2012 Applebees - I work at a hospital in Ky and we go to Applebee's
I work at a hospital in Ky and we go to Applebee's on our lunch hr.only because of one waitress who is fast, friendly and can get us out on time.Our lunch is an 1hr.So we go in Applebees and asked for Michelle and was told she was fired..AREEEE YOU KIDDIN ME!!.I text Michelle to see what had happened..Here's what she told me..My mom had breast cancer surgery and I tried to call her from the restaurant phone and it wouldn't letlong dist. go through so I stepped into the restroom to call her to check on her and the the GM Jenny came in and told me to get off my phone and she didn't give a shit who I was talking too and give my phone to the manger..I said no..Jenny was on her cell mins. before I was at the bar.And then she said I was fired and then I walked out..God bless Michelle's mom for the hell Jenny is putting her through firing her daughter for calling and checking on her..I can tell Applebee's hearing about this heartless firing of a good waitress who has give 5 yrs to Applebee's is not going over good at this hospital and a lot of other places too..Someone at Corp needs to step up to the plate..Your GM Jenny has just struck out!! And she is causing a big lost to Applebee's in Ashland.I know we all are supporting Michelle where ever she goes..

MarshaRead More
9/30/2012 We went to Applebees on 95th & I35 last week. We
We went to Applebees on 95th & I35 last week. We had Lamont. He was horrible. He was unhappy to have our table & let the poor hostess know all about it. We heard him call us bitches several times. He was king doors & acting like a jerk. We won't be back!1

pissed Read More
9/17/2012 Applebees - My fiance, my daughter and I had dinner at the
My fiance, my daughter and I had dinner at the Applebees on Alcoa hwy. In Knoxville TN last night .We had such a great server I wanted him to be bragged upon and given the praise he deserves. Thanks Coby for an awesome meal experience. Keep up the good work. As a neighborhood expert from years ago I can honestly say this store is the best ran store I have ever visited as a customer or an employee! Great job, keep up the good work!

kimRead More
9/12/2012 My husband and i go to applebees a lot on emmons
My husband and i go to applebees a lot on emmons ave in brooklyn Lately on saturdays and Sunday they close there parking lot and you must use the valet parking ... I ask is this fair? M yhusband is handicapped and we rather park our own car. When i asked the manager he informed me he pays these boys 300 a day and there bonded and my car is safe . I asked him does this mean when i come to your store during the week it is not safe ??
when we left we had to wait for our car instead of parking the car in a disabled spot which the car has a permit for.. My husband can not stand long and we waited awhile till they got the car . I would hate not to be able to go to this resturant but if this is how it must be we can no longer go there

RoseRead More
8/30/2012 Applebees - I love Applebee's. I have always had great service
I love Applebee's. I have always had great service and my food has always been very good. I'm in real estate and many times take clients in for lunch. I have never had one complain over the years. Thanks Applebee's!

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