Armstrong Cable Phone Number



Armstrong Cable Customer Service Number: 1-877-486-4666

Armstrong Cable provides cable tv, phone and internet to select U.S. states.

Armstrong Group of Companies
One Armstrong Place
Butler, Pennsylvania 16001
Phone Number: 1-724-283-0925
Fax Number: 1-724-283-9655

Phone Number

1-877-486-4666Hint Needed Please Comment


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12/10/2016 Armstrong Cable - I live here in cranberry twp and have paid my very
I live here in cranberry twp and have paid my very high cable bills. For over 20 years now. I had. To disconnect my pvr box. To paint the room.when I was finished. I pit everything. Back in place and saw that the pvr would not
Go on. I called. Customer support. And the woman said those things are temperamental when they are turned off . Since I work and cannot. Bet home till 5.30 pm I was told I have to wait a week to have a Saturday
Appointment. Nothing during the week after 5, I was told the tech. Has to just replace the pvr. Box. That might take 15 min. I said when. My
Wireless went out a tech. Was. Here after 6 pm during the week. And what am I to do for a whole week. She said. You have another tv to watch. Yes a
15 in in the bedroom that only has the lower channels on it.
My other house in pgh has co cast. And when something goes wrong. They are there that or the next day till 9pm to fix the problem.
Just goes to show you that when you live in cranberry and you are stuck
With only 1 choice you get screwed. In the city with. 2 big companies
Fighting for your business it's different.

MarcRead More
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