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MEXICANS THINK THEY'RE TAKING OVER AMERICAN BUSINESS: Walk into any Fortune 500 company or government agency (any level) and you'll notice 75% mexican females working there.

White men, what's wrong with you? You're too afraid to speak up. Where are your sons and grandsons gonna work when they're no longer welcome in the American workplace?

Daniel Alancar-Villa
NV Energy Bldg
6100 Neil Rd A2
Reno, NV 89811
(775) 335-4658
[email protected]

In the video below, Ms. Villa, mexican supervisor at Arvato, is being deliberately vague about firing a White Man for "poor job performance." You can tell by his voice and his responses that he knows he's a cowardly chickenshit for WAITING TILL CHRISTMAS WEEKEND to tell Harold Dean Berry he's fired.

And "he" did it by calling Berry's temp agency. After Berry had gone home for the day. In other words, Ms. Villa and his bulldyke lesbian assistant (that's what everybody calls her behind her back), Victoria Clarke, weren't adult enough - NOR PROFESSIONAL ENOUGH - to warn Berry about his performance.

In the first place.

In the second place, they didn't even face him to terminate him.

But we all know cowards don't have it in them to be forthright.

Most of management at Arvato is mexican and/or female, and they OBVIOUSLY want to keep it that way. There are only half a dozen older White Men - out of 200 employees - working there. That tells anybody with a functioning brain that Arvato IS DELIBERATELY SCREENING OUT WHITE MALE APPLICANTS.

Like most large corporations.

Of course, Berry says it's his policy (nothing personal) to file gender and racial discrimination charges against corrupt anti-White Man companies like Arvato. He sees it as the duty of ALL WHITE AMERICAN GENTILE MEN.

- We need to make the world safe for our White sons and grandsons.

- Nobody else cares.

- Certainly not minorities.

Said complaints with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and Nevada DETR will name Danny Boy as defendant.

It should be noted that Arvato is a subcontractor for Microsoft so they march in lockstep with MS on such anti-American schemes as "affirmative" action, taking tax cuts for hiring minorities and females, and permanent guest visas for immigrants from India.

All of these measures are deliberately calculated to disemploy millions of WHITE AMERICAN GENTILE MEN. There are no tax credits for hiring or promoting us, for example.

Anyway, Danny sure sounds like a coward AND a liar to me. What do you think? and

Merry Christmas,

Harold BerryRead More
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