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Asurion is dedicated to protecting you from loss, in the wireless and electronic equipment category. You can protect all of your technology and data with Asurion. To Reach Asurion, please call the numbers listed for your specific wireless carrier:

User Provided Phone Number: 1-816-237-3000 and pushing 2
Asurion AT&T 1-888-562-8662
Alltel Wireless 1-888-723-3360
Boost Mobile 1-866-862-3397
Cellular One - San Luis Obispo 1-866-240-6668
Cellular One- Mobile Guard 1-866-281-0858
Centennial Wireless 1-800-600-3634
Centennial Wireless - Puerto Rico 1-800-779-1568
Claro 1-877-359-4263
Clearwire 1-866-419-5477
Comcast 1-877-262-4390
Edge Wireless 1-866-207-5049
MetroPCS 1-866-862-3397
Palm 1-800-881-7256
Qwest Wireless 1-877-943-8444
Rural Cellular 1-888-216-4393
Sprint 1-800-584-3666
T-Mobile 1-866-268-7221
Telus 1-866-281-4537
Time Warner 1-866-280-8336
Verizon Wireless 1-888-881-2622

Phone Number

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9/26/2016 Asurion - Terrible service. They sent me a bent phone with
Terrible service. They sent me a bent phone with white marks on the screen and it dies at 40%. Do they not look over these phones before they send them out? VERY obviously bent. I didn't open the product within 7 days because I had a working phone at the time and noticed it a week late and so they said I had to pay $150.00 for a new one. No way should someone have to pay for a new phone because they sent a busted one. I already paid the original $150 thinking I would get a working, straight phone. Very rude over the phone and was not willing to work with me even a little bit. I work in customer service and it's sad to see customers get treated like they are clueless and are not willing to help when THEY sent me a crap phone.

MORead More
9/25/2016 Asurion - Have had this insurance for many years. Each time
Have had this insurance for many years. Each time have had to use it their response has been awesome. I wish every company was as good as this. WAY TO GO thanks. Wish I could give 10 stars!

suliRead More
9/3/2016 Asurion - The federal government needs to shut this company
The federal government needs to shut this company down, like yesterday! I can not give this company a less than 0 rating!!!!

M. LewisRead More
7/26/2016 Asurion - what a pain in the ass. made a claim because my
what a pain in the ass. made a claim because my droid turbo 2 had issues with the charging port.(quit charging). the filing a claim process took 4 days, via computer. once it was processed and my $149 deductible was processed it showed up the next morning. took 30 minutes to transfer service over to the replacement phone. So I tried out all the functions of my phone and found out that the external speaker wasn't working, plugged it into stand alone speakers and that didn't work either. pressing the speaker function actually made it quieter and distorted. so I called assurion got hung up on 3 times after waiting to talk to somebody and being transferred to warranty division. the fourth try resulted in me getting transferred to Verizon wireless, in which he placed the call and stayed on the line until we got somebody to resolve the issue. end result is they are sending another replacement phone tomorrow. they said this phone was a new phone when they sent it.. on the verge of cancelling my claim and refunding my $149 deductible (which takes 1-2 billing cycles to refund) and keeping my old phone and making it work. cheaper to get the phone repaired vs insurance claim.... not sure what the purpose of this insurance company is besides making money for themselves.(Im wondering if I can back charge them for the 2 hrs it took me to actually get a resolution to my problem/ 2 hours lost that im not going to get back)

kevenRead More
7/8/2016 Asurion - This company has the absolute worst customer that
This company has the absolute worst customer that I have encountered. Please save yourself the money and the hassle of this company. Horrible- Horrible service.

M RudolphRead More
2/9/2016 My teenage daughters have had to use Asurion in the past 5 years with no problems at ALL!
Both of my teenage daughters have had to use Asurion in the past 5 years (with no problems at ALL!) and I just had to use them for the first time this week. I called them and they sent a phone the very next day. It WAS a refurbished phone but at that point I didn't mind, I needed a phone. After having it for a few days, I discovered the camera wouldn't focus and I called them right away. They apologized and told me they would send me a brand new one right away. It was delivered early the next morning. I was very impressed with their professionalism and how quick they responded! I will definitely keep them for any future mishaps.

BelindaRead More
2/3/2016 Asurion - They were very understanding and shipped a phone
They were very understanding and shipped a phone out to me the very next day

JayRead More
1/12/2016 Asurion - Wanted to review the claim for 24-48 hours before
Wanted to review the claim for 24-48 hours before they would make an approval for the claim. Have been with asurion for over 12 years and can never use the insurance that they offer. Feed up with this company, just wasting money each month. Something needs to be done with this company to make them honest and back up the service that they offer.

cmartinRead More
12/14/2015 Asurion - Most ridiculous excuse for insurance company ever.
The most ridiculous excuse for insurance company ever. The Obamacare of insurance for electronics. Called several times. Kept on hold for 10 minutes till I gave up. Few attempts later were passed from one person to another till my call was disconnected. Frustrating is not the word. The reason for my trying to file a claim was because the phone they replaced my lost phone with was a "refurbished" phone that constantly gave me headaches. When receiving calls, took forever to slide to answer. Previous screens would not go away so I could get to any other functions. Had to turn this phone off several times just to reset and sometimes that wouldn't even work. The inept excuse of an insurance company is to replace a new phone you originally purchased, for an enormous amount I might add, is to replace it with a defective one. Shame on them. Worthless to even insure a phone.

ElisaRead More
11/30/2015 Asurion Customer service was terrible
Customer service was terrible. It took 5 days for me to get a replacement. I called 3 times and chatted once. Everyone told me something different. First, I was supposed to get my replacement phone on Wednesday and told not to leave the house because I had to sign. When The phone did not arrive, I called again and was told it would come on Friday , same stay at home rules. It did not come. I called again and they said they had not sent it yet and wanted my credit card number. I asked to speak to a supervisor. She finally took care of it and I received it on Saturday.

MarlRead More
11/14/2015 Asurion - It took me three days and four telephone calls to work my way through the web program
It took me three days and four telephone calls to work my way through the web program. The worst experience I have ever had. They finally replaced the Windows phone with an Android phone...not at all comparable for use with other Windows equipment.

GRead More
11/13/2015 Asurion - I would rate them 0 stars. They have the WORST

I would rate them 0 stars. They have the WORST customer service I have ever experiended in my life. I would not call it customer service it should be called customer dissatisfaction. Let me give you a few examples of what I experienced. First, there website says you will be contacted within 24 hours. Then I file my claim and get an email that says I will be contacted in 8 hours. I call the next day to check on my claim I'm told they have not received it.I open my email 10 minutes later and not only had they recieved it, they processed it too. I call back and told again they dont have it. I inform them they do, she does some checking and says they have but they need more information. She confirms info I had sent them and hangs up on me while Im still talking. Call back a third time and once againg they tell me they have not recieved the claim and I tell them they have aand it has been processed then she comes back and says yes your right. Now she transfers me to the customer dissatisfaction specialist, who verfies the same info again and says she is going to send me my phone. She asks if I want the phone activated and I tell her yes two times. Guess what she does not send an activated phone. I could go on, bottom line is they are terrible and I cancelled my insurance with them the next day. Asurion has they best customer dissatisfaction dept. It seems they have somewhat of a monopoly on the ph insurance business but I found another company I doubt any company would be worse than Asurion there is no excuse for the non service I received!

Mr. MusicRead More
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