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12/3/2012 Advice for those seeking help with AT&T Internet. 12.05.12
A little research and self-education can do wonders.

Check the help page for whatever browser you are
using to find out how to change the homepage to
the site of your choice. You didn't say what browser
you are using, but I have *never* seen a browser
that won't allow for that.
Also, highly recommend ad blocking plug-in for
your browser. An easy way to avoid most ads.

I have AT&T as my IP.
My home page is my own choice.
I see no commercials on yahoo's page so I don't have
to read or watch them thanks to the ad blocker that
was on my browser's recommended list.

AngelRead More
8/17/2012 AT&T Internet - I have AT&T as my IP and of course Yahoo is my (no
I have AT&T as my IP and of course Yahoo is my (no choice) of homepage.
I cannot open anything on Yahoo without having to watch a god d commercial with no choice to bypass it.
Please tell your advertisers that I WILL NOT purchase anything that I am forced to watch on your garbage web site.
I personally hope the rest of your executives leave and you people go bankrupt.

StanRead More
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