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9/21/2012 AT&T Uverse - We were supposed to have a repairman between the
We were supposed to have a repairman between the times of 4 to 8 p.m. today (9/20/12). No show. No courtesy call by anyone. When I called in, the ATT-UVerse "dispatcher' said their was a "loss of contact" with repair people in our 272-288-3653 area.

This has happened before. I going to call the City of Brookfield (WI) community services/utilities committee and find out why ATT U-Verse continues to provide such poor service and less-than candid responses (or lack of any communications to customers awaiting their pre-planned wait times. Our experiences will be published to local media.

So, what gives? Where is our repair service? Why do we continue to be deceived?

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