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AT&T Wireless® Customer Service Phone Number:


AT&T Wireless is one of the largest U.S. mobile carriers. They offer 4G service and the latest smart phones like the Apple iPhone and Samsung Galaxy S Series.

AT&T Wireless Corporate
208 South Akard Street
Dallas, TX 75202 USA

AT&T Wireless Hours
M - Su 7am - 10pm

More AT&T Wireless Phone Numbers
Tech Support: 1-800-331-0500
New Service: 1-888-333-6651
Order Status: 1-877-782-8870
Outside US: 1-916-843-4685
Corporate Office: 1-210-821-4105
TTY: 1- 866-241-6567
Voice 1-866-241-6568

Phone Number

Phone Hint
1-800-331-0500 Press 0 at each prompt, ignoring messages.


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4/6/2017 AT&T Wireless - I have been a customer for more than 10 years. I
I have been a customer for more than 10 years. I get a text today saying I setup a payment arrangement for tomorrow but I didn't. I don't have the money for tomorrow. I call customer no service and ask can I oayvtge account in full on the 19th (14 days away)? They said no, you setup the payment it has to be made or we can suspend service. I have been loyal for what? To a company could care less, all the while I have paid more than other companies bc I thought it meant something to be loyal. I really thought that since I had been there this long they would be willing to something for me. My fault fir thinking that! Looks like I'll be using Sorint or Verizon.

Andy Read More
11/29/2016 AT&T Wireless - I just returned from a trip to Japan where I
I just returned from a trip to Japan where I traveled to Tokyo, Kanazawa, Kyoto, Osaka, and several rural and mountain towns. I consistently had 4-5 strength of signal dots on my iphone in every part of the cities and even the trains and most remote areas. Yet in Chicago I'm lucky to get two dots no matter where I am! This is unacceptable in an age where we rely on our phones for data as much as for voice communication. If they can provide a good, strong signal why can't AT&T?

Rosemary Read More
5/8/2016 AT&T Wireless - Please tell your store managers to leave their
Please tell your store managers to leave their cell phones in the back, constant interruption from e-mails and texts is very rude to a customer. He said he has to have the phone with him when his boss calls. Rude and poor service, will not go back. Verizon wins.

Glenn Read More
4/5/2016 AT&T Wireless - Holding now for 4 minutes to speak with customer
Holding now for 4 minutes to speak with customer service for AT&T, according to their recording. Just got off a Cox Communication call that cut me off twice, kept me holding over 25 minutes, and I had to speak with 4 different persons. Looks like Cox and AT&T are in a race to the bottom!!

Shirley Read More
3/11/2016 AT&T Wireless - This is the worst wireless company for customer service
This is the worst wireless company for customer service. We were told that our contract was up and we would be able to select another provider. We needed to this since moving to another state the reception was poor, at best. After transferring to another wireless company, we are being billed for terminating the contract. We called, spoke to rep and he said that he saw the error on his computer but was unable to correct it from his computer. He then transfers us to another service rep. She becomes combative and there is absolutely no way she will resend this. We asked to speak to her supervisor, however, the supervisor was too busy to speak to us. After receiving a "call back, the supervisor gets mean and says that she will have to speak to the rep that was nice to us and tell them how to conduct business. I will dot do business with AT&T and discourage anyone that asks.

Ronnie Read More
10/7/2015 AT&T Wireless - AT&T has the worst customer service ever!
AT&T has the worst customer service ever! After being with them 10 years my service was either hacked or disrupted when another customer upgraded their device, and my sim card was deactivated by mistake. AT&T just did a fraud ticket but never bothered to find out what really happened. After being without service for a week, and being repeatedly told that I would have to go to an AT&T store in person to get another sim card (I live in a small town, store is 2 hours away), and spending 5 to 6 hours on the phone trying to get my service back on, I gave up. I would not recommend AT&T to anyone!
I also sent a letter of complaint, getting no response. The customer service rep who gave me the address probably gave me the wrong address. I was probably lied to by 5 reps over the course of that week. Then when I tried to cancel, they kept transferring me around so they could talk me into staying. That last time they put me on hold, I hung up. Then when I was at the store for the new company where I switched my service and was trying to get my account number from AT&T so I could import my number, the rep wanted to know why I wanted the account number, I told her, none of your business! How ludicrous!
Don't go with AT&T, the service is the worst ever!

Nash Read More
7/27/2015 AT&T Wireless - I think AT&T is ripping people off by applying $10
I think AT&T is ripping people off by applying $10 to your bill without your consent...I will be writing to the Better Business Bureau about this Matter

Antonio Read More
6/26/2015 AT&T Wireless - To day nooooooo stars for u phill and Melissa and
To day nooooooo stars for u phill and Melissa and the other rude ass lady I have been with atnt for about 5 years and each and every single time they treated me like no company has ever I was amazed how wonderful and professional they were to day I called internet not workin so I call phill said turn off phone turn on I ll call u in five min...... An hour later I call I get a very intrusive women so I say my bill is due tomarrow my net is toooooooo slow I figure sence for two year s I paid 60 bucks just for talk and text... That they would just let me get hight speed one more day then she acked what do u use your bet forrrrrr I said welllllll many different things including adult videos I felt sence it in frount of her that's what's she getting at then after ten more min saying the same thing three different times in three differentd way tells me no then I call about the two call previous and the women says to me well u didn't have to say what you were watching u should have just streaming vidoes FIRTS of allllllllllll who the think u are then she prose edges to say the same shpilllll of bull s *** I stop her mid sentence saying I know r u goting to fix my net for one more day she said no !!!!!!!

Sandra Read More
8/18/2014 AT&T Wireless - We live in an area where AT&T is the only service
We live in an area where AT&T is the only service available. This last month the service has been lousy to non-existent. We have been told by other customers that their service is just as bad or worse. I understand that AT&T has supposedly been working on their tower to "make service better", but understand that they are finished and the service is far worse. We are involved in a volunteer Ambulance and this kind of service has become a threat to our service and the public that depends on us. Calling customer service has been difficult. The service representatives barely speak English and the last one hung up on me before I could fully complete my request.
PLEASE help us!

Donna Read More
6/5/2014 AT&T Wireless - How in the world do you get in contact with a
How in the world do you get in contact with a person!!!!!! I have questions and need answers! If the service is as bad as bad as your web site I will be looking into another carrier.

Karen Read More
2/2/2014 AT&T Wireless - I took out insurance in my phone now I dropped it
I took out insurance in my phone now I dropped it on A carpet and the phone shattered so thinking they will replave it no , they need document after documrnt to get a phone replaced . I hope they read this cause at & t sucks now. And I wil soon be going to a new company after 10 years which if everyone gets that kind of robot service like Us west phone co, that is why they went under At & t also
Will,Get rid of the robotic people, bring in real people.
I have told everyone on fb not to use your service. And _*
I will keep telling everyone not to use you.

sonnie Read More
11/15/2013 My customer experience with AT&T wireless
If you enjoy talking to five different people for over four hours, AT&T is the way to go. My home phone and Internet is with AT&T. Several calls with several different people along with several different answers regarding prices. Poor customer service. Now I have a real problem. Cell phone is and/or was through AT&T. Just switched to Sprint. I have two weeks to cancel Sprint; however, I cannot get through to AT&T to see if my previous cell phone (which Sprint took)is active or not. I don't know if I am liking Sprint and may want to revert my cell phone through AT&T. I had my cell phone with AT&T for over four years.

Gina Read More
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