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AT&T's U-Verse provides Wireless, DSL, Internet, Digital TV and Phone in one package. ATT UVERSE USA Corporate Office Headquarters HQ Address:
208 S. Akard St.
Dallas, Texas 75202 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-210-821-4105
Customer Service Number: 1-800-288-2020

Phone Number

1-800-288-2020Say Uverse service


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5/30/2017 att uverse - Called customer service at 9 pm Message said
Called customer service at 9 pm Message said closed and to call back during business hours. No information on how to speak to someone for help with tv. Will have to wait til business hours to get help so can't watch program tonight. Does not make sense to me

LillieRead More
4/19/2017 att uverse - We have u-verse internet and phone
We have u-verse internet and phone service....sometimes! Our total service has been "dead" 5 days this month and its only the 17th.
A tech. came out and got it working a week ago.....took 3 days because the first tech went to the wrong address. I have had to shut everything down and reboot my computer and modem 3 time since then to restore service.
It went down again today and when I called my tech., he said my trouble was between the pho box on my house and the AT&T mainline to my house and I need a "line technician" to come out to fix it. He isn't authorized to do it nor does he have the authority to schedule one to come out. I am told I have to do it myself by calling the customer service phone number and going through all of this BS again!
In the meantime, we get a phone call from AT&T(from somewhere?) ....a recorded message that a line technician will be out this afternoon to fix our problem. The recording invited me to punch a number if I had a question or wanted additional information...which I did. I was told that I would have at least a 10 minute wait for a rep to answer my call due to a "large volume of calls". After being kept on hold for 45 minutes, I hung up!
It is now 7PM and no technician has arrived nor has any AT&T employee contacted us.
I have never done business with a company so disorganized and unconcerned about their paying customer's problems.
TH in Spring, TX.

TommyRead More
1/24/2017 att uverse - I got GREAT reviews from customer service about
I got GREAT reviews from customer service about the service we would receive from u-verse back in September 2016. The technician who installed it stated he didn't know why they sold us the service because it was not in our area yet. Within 3 hours of the installation, I notified U-Verse and again was told how sorry they were because the service should NOT have been sold to us. We were told to send the equipment back and we would not be charged for their mistake. I did as I was told. In December 2016 I received a phone call from a collection agency for the installation fee of $108 and they wanted to know how I was paying for it. I advised I was not paying and attempted several time to contact U-Verse only to be put on hold and sent to several people/departments. In the end, every time, I was hung up on without having the issue addressed. We NEVER received a bill -- just collection agency phone calls and a bill from the collection agency.
These people are rip offs who do not want to address nor take care of their customers. They lure you in and then you are on your own -- without any recourse.
I was also told back in September 2016 a supervisor would call me within 72 hours. Here it is January 24th, 2017 and I have yet to receive this call.

SarahRead More

12/15/2016 att uverse - stay away from these guys, terrible support, long
stay away from these guys, terrible support, long waits, prices suck 0 stars would b more accurate

BruceRead More
11/1/2016 att uverse - I have spent 3 hours the last 2 days trying to
I have spent 3 hours the last 2 days trying to revolve issues with my U-Verse service. The first night I spent 2 hours trying to get an issue with my DVR resolved with an oversees representative. After the first hour, told him he was wasting my time and he needed to send a tech. He stil did not want to move the problem forward. He kept me on the phone another 45 minutes. Until I finally lost my patients. I got home the following day only to find I had no service at all. I called customer service again. I guess the representative could not help me. The phone disconnected and I go no call back. I am so frustrated with Att&t right now

MickyRead More
10/26/2016 att uverse - Had service for over 2 yrs no cotract could never
Had service for over 2 yrs no cotract could never got internet in bed room and tv had 3/4 pitcher 197.oo pr month canceled service.went to another carrier full tv pitcher and now have internet in whole house now they have me in collections for balance of 127.00 I never had a contract from the start and not recieving full service yes im stupid never again att uverse please post as needed

wesRead More
10/7/2016 att uverse - Called over 10 times to have service cancelled. I
Called over 10 times to have service cancelled. I still have an active account...... ATT is trying to charge me $200+ for a service I haven't used or had in over 2 months. No one get this service ever. No one knows what is going on.

ShayRead More
10/1/2016 att uverse - I lost my signal and called customer service. The
I lost my signal and called customer service. The automated service said I could ask to speak to a live representative at any time, which I did. After several more automated questions, I finally got a rep with a very strong accent and had a very hard time understanding her. All said, it was a very frustrating experience. Can't they get someone who is easier to understand? In the end, I did get a service rep to fix the problem, but, good grief, it took me an hour

I lost service and called customer service. Of course, I got an automated voice asking questions. I was told that I could ask for a live representative at any time, which I did. It took several more times of saying I wanted to speak with a live rep, but was finally put on hold for one. When she finally came on the line, she had a very heavy accent and extremely hard to understand. After trying several things that she asked me to do, she finally said a repair rep would need to come out. I was on the phone for an hour, trying to get things resolved and understand this woman! I admit, a repair rep came within the hour and resolved the problem, but the whole experience was very frustrating!


LindaRead More
9/18/2016 att uverse - The worst customer service in the U. S. stay away
The worst customer service in the U. S. stay away from them.

FrankRead More
9/18/2016 att uverse - We have the nightmare others are sharing! We moved
We have the nightmare others are sharing! We moved into a new home 5/15/15 transferring our service. We never received our "take it with you bonus";ok cool no biggie.
We were told to call at one year to get new current bundle price,we are on a fixed income and need to keep it $170.After taxes. I called and was told I could get direct tv for around my price(internt-wellused,phone-unlimited,tv-no extra channel we use Netflix). I did not want satellite,we've a large open field,we need constant good reception. We finally negotiated to get our services at what we had been paying,told there would be two year contract.June's bill-240,July 279,August 279.I called each month trying to find out what was going on requesting they listen to their recordings of call to find what I'd been promised for two more years. This fell on non listening ears,I was ignored and told the best would be 240. I called again to see what kind of contract I had(2yr was in negotiations );I was told none.I this time told them fine Infinity is available. They said sorry you feel that way.
I had uverse since 2011; next week I will not. My bill is reading $550(roughly) for two months of service. Sorry AT&T, you'll be hard pressed to recover this from social security(can't garnish). You cannot hold me to an agreement that your company breached.
Avoid using them at all cost or it will cost you all. I never would have kept this when I moved if I had known they we r e switching all to satellite.
CAN I GIVE THEM negative five stars for bad customer service and false negotiations. I hope to see a class action lawsuit against them since so many are complaining of same broken agreements.

BantyRead More
9/3/2016 att uverse - We have had u verse for a year. I went to
We have had u verse for a year. I went to renegotiate the contract and I couldn't do so because I have one payment left before the contract expires. I was given the 800 number and after pressing several numbers later I got an Asian speaking person that was hard to understand. Then still received no help. I checked my account and they had raised my bill. I will be looking for another provider. I hope the powers that be read all these comments about the terrible customer service. The store employees could not help because they are not given access to the promotions except to new customers

Mischelle PulverRead More
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