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11/10/2013 Au Bon Pain Restaurant - Au Bon Pain manager is nasty to the customers
I go in to your 30th street store 5 or 6 time a week. The only manger that is helpful is Vikky. Your other manger are very nasty to people never smile. You ask them anything it is like you are someone from outer space. Six weeks ago I asked about the chicken pot soup the answer I got from John was it is a winter soup. Late week I asked again he said again winter soup.If someone want to buy something in your store that come in every day. I would think about ordering it. But after see how dirty the soup area is maybe John is doing me a favor.One good note all of your sandwich makers cashier are very very nice and all ways smiling. They are the only reason I go back. Thank You For Your Time
Jennifer Bohn.
P.S. The reason the story is still busy is because of Amtrak employees Maybe tell John that.

Jennifer Bohn 215-852-5971 cellRead More
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