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1/12/2016 Audible Inc. - I canceled my account months back and this month
I canceled my account months back and this month Jan. 2016 I started get charged again when I call was told I done have a account and never did want to know what is going on.

Peggy J Krotz Read More
11/20/2015 Audible Inc. - Audible charged me but they took care of it!
They charged me every month for over a year, after i found out i unsubscrubed, I thought, but somehow they JUST PUT MY ACCOUNT ON HOLD and didnt charge me for like 6 months, then out of the blue I checked my account as i do regularly now and, BAM THEY STARTED CHARGING ME AGAIN WITHOUT MT KNOWLEGE OR CONSENT. After I CLEARLY UNSUBSCRIBED AND STOPPED PAYMENT....I called and they said i agreed to put my account on hold ??. BUT they are very nice, will refund you and even give you another book if you don't like the one you bought.....I am very happy with audible, it was my fault for not keeping up with my bank statements, and it could have been a misunderstanding when I tried to cancel....what im saying is AUDIBLE IS A VERY GOOD TRUSTWORTHY PART OF AMAZON, BUT BE AWARE THAT IT IS A MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTION YOUR SIGNING UP FOR !!!!
There is a lack of communication tho, I think they should email you every month and give you a heads up about charging you the 14.95 for 1 Book credit, so u dont end up like me, with about 17 credits and buying books you don't even want just to get rid of them. :s I finally got all the books i like, due to AUDIBLES GREAT POLICY !!!!! With AUDIBLE, SATISFACTION IS GUARANTEED !!! :)
I am very pleased, I am a satisfied customer, AND, when i need more books, I will return...
PS....The books stream seamlessly, no problems at all !!
A Amazon User :)

Lakota Read More
11/2/2011 Audible Inc. - 1st December 2011 Why did audible take out
1st December 2011 Why did audible take out money from my card without my authorization? I paid once and had no intention of
subscribing again! Sent one emailing you telling you I did not wish to subscribe again. Very hard to contact the company
What number do I ring? Carol Clarke

Carol Read More
6/16/2011 Audible Inc. - I have just found out that I have been paying
I have just found out that I have been paying monthly payments to Audible for a service I have NOT RECEIVED. I thought I was making a one off payment. I have not even managed to listen to the first book I bought on my Kindle.
How can I contact you?????
Elain Steinberg

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