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8/23/2015 Audiovox 808 XS bluetooth speaker worked less than 2 hours
Apparently you are not reading the comments left by customers. All are negative and you are doing nothing to correct the problems. I recently bought an 808 XS Bluetooth speaker and it worked less than 2 hours. I exchanged it for a like speaker and so far it is working, but there is no green light indicating that it is charged.

You quality control is obviously in name only. Akin to the White House, a president in name only.

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10/22/2014 I have had my audiovox portable DVD player for a
I have had my audiovox portable DVD player for a few years. I bought it for my car, but then bought a Cadillac with an awesome DVD player built in. So I never used it. My TV also had a built in DVD Player, but then I bought a big flat screen TV and set it up and it worked great, until one day when I tried to play it and it cane up that there was no disc detected. I have tried using several discs, but to no avail. It is too old to return it even though I have only used it about 3' or 4 times. But now I want to use it but can't get it to work I still have my older TV which is not a flat screen inside my armoire in bedroom which has the built in DVD player. It works great but the TV is small compared to my flat screen. I wish I could connect that built in DVD to my flat screen, bur I don't know if that is possible. I wish the audiovox would give me technical support, but they said its over warranty I had to log onto their website to get their phone number because it wasn't in the manual

Emmy Read More
4/30/2014 Audiovox - I hqave a 12inch kitchen lcd hdtv and I am told
I hqave a 12inch kitchen lcd hdtv and I am told the picturetube has gone out. can it be fixed or can I buy another (where)

joyce Read More
3/20/2012 I have an Audiovox shelf CD system that I
I have an Audiovox shelf CD system that I purchased at a Target outlet in my local area.

Since I recently lost the remote control, I tried to call local outlets in order to get the number for customer service at Audiovox. Virtually none of the large department stores including Target, Kmart, and Wallmart were able to provide a simple number to call. Target gave me a number that resulted in me trying to explain my problem to an automated answering system without any availiable real live person. In order to call information and get your number from the phone company, I would have needed a specific city and State--info I don't have. Eventually when I realized that I now have access to the internet, I contacted you at this Internet address.

After finally getting the proper customer service number and waiting ten minutes, I was answered by a rather rude representative who responded tersely. Although I had the specific serial number of my product she insisted that nothing could be done without the product number.

My complaint has little to do with being dissatisfied with my product, it has to do with the poor quality of customer service and the difficulty in reaching a live person. If you don't improve the quality of you customer service you are headed towards some negative public realations problems that will not create satisfied customers. I have finally located the model number but am so worn out that I will try later. I wonder if ordering a replacement for the remote I need will prove to be impossible because I don't have the specific model number for the remote. What a catch 22! Please! you guys should put more energy towards making customer service easily availiable and responsive to your customers.

Pete Read More
2/18/2012 Audiovox - i have a remote start ca6550 and it has never
i have a remote start ca6550 and it has never worked right after the first month. i can get the truck to open the doors to lock and unlock the horn does not chirp and the remote start does not work....

mrgrinch Read More
6/21/2011 I have a Audiovox movies to go 7" drop down LCD
I have a Audiovox movies to go 7" drop down LCD Model no: MMD70 can I replace it with a 9" LCD without changing the wiring or the wireless headphone.

Frank Read More
4/26/2011 Audiovox - I have a Casio Boulder cell phone mafg. by
I have a Casio Boulder cell phone mafg. by audiovox. The unit went on the blink and will not power up. Icannot retrive my contact numbers . The unit has not been abuswed in any way. Why will it not power up. This unit was sold to me that it can take water and shock resistant. Softwear must be wanting................ Can you tell me how to power up the unit.

Harry Read More
2/1/2011 We sent in our 3 month old under counter Audiovox
We sent in our 3 month old under counter Audiovox TV and have not heard it arrived, is being fixed or anything!
Please look this up by our name: James Moe
Fresno, California
I would appreciate a call of email letting us know the status of my TV.
Thank you.

James Read More
9/8/2010 si en resumidas cuentas mi querido amgo "audiovox
si en resumidas cuentas mi querido amgo "audiovox son unos hijueputas sin servicio al cliente"

david Read More
4/21/2010 Audiovox - My issue is rather minor, but nonetheless the lack
My issue is rather minor, but nonetheless the lack of interest by anyone at Audiovox to actually resolve the issue is particularly irritating. I received an "in home kit" for my portable XM radio so I could listen to old time radio programs. It worked for a short period of time then just stopped working. I suspected there was a loose connection in either the wires into the cradle or the crade housing. I returned the unit to Audiovox as instructed (it took almost 3 weeks to get to the point where I "convinced" them it really didn't work. Prior to this they kept sending me emails saying thanks for contacting them about my problem and they had "corrected" the problem. The most irritating part was that when they recieved the kit they determined it was a remanufactured unit so it had no warranty on it and they relabeled the carton I had sent it in and returned it to me. Since we had had several phone conversations and emails, I think the least they could have done was contacted me one more time to see if I would pay to have it fixed or get a replacement unit. They DIDN'T!! I went to Radio Shack and
gought a new kit ($50.00 +/-) and it now works fine. It isn't about the money it's the lack of caring about making a customer "happy" that is most frustrating.

Ron Read More
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