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Philips AVENT is a maker of baby products. The Philips AVENT product range includes breastfeeding, bottle feeding, toddler feeding.

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1-800-542-8368 Review Needed Please Comment


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10/8/2014 Avent Philips - Clear pacifier. Whose stupid idea was that???? I
Clear pacifier. Whose stupid idea was that???? I bought a new pacifier that was completely clear. It was the only type that was sold. Why would you make a clear pacifier for a baby. I mean really. Trying to find it is like a needle in a hay stack. For manufacturers of baby stuff. You guys are seriously stupid. I'm frustrated bc now I can't find it. Thanks for nothing avent..

nicole Read More
9/1/2014 Avent Philips - Hi i purchased a set of dummies and they where
Hi i purchased a set of dummies and they where damaged!the silicone had white stuff on it and marks and the plastic part was dented ..it was a sealed box..im really disappointed with the quality as these dummies are expensive.this set is the1 of many many sets i have purchased as my boy keeps loosing them.. i bought these dummies a few days ago.. please advise accordingly as we are purchasing dummies almost every 2-3weeks..

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2/28/2014 I have had an issue with my Avent Philips breast pump
I have had an issue with my breast pump and called on feb 2nd to get either a product swap/refund or ANYTHING - the customer service has been outrageously awful. I have had over 10 phone call/conversations with representatives who all either 1) dont check their notes and give me mixed answers 2) dont do their job and relay messages 3) dont call me back (excalation department). No person from their escalation department has EVER called even though I was promised that it would happen FIVE TIMES. Calling back today (almost a month later) I was told "to call back b/c my manager is in a meeting".

Um, hello - help me? Do something...this is beyond low on the customer service level and ridiculous. I will NEVER buy anything from this company again, because I know the level of CS I would receive IF I had issues again.

Here's the kicker -- I called and a man answered and said only a woman could help me? Really? Why? Aren't you trained in your field? If you dont want to deal with breast pumps, dont work for a company that makes them? Why would they do this - well...they said "only women can help women." (me) "Ok - well then transfer me to a woman." (him) "Sorry, there are non availabe- can you call back?" - AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

Just save yourself the trouble and buy from another company.

Rachel Read More
1/20/2014 Complaint about Avent Philips
I v a compain about d avent agent in my country, I got d d avent breast pumper from 2years and I only use it for 2month s them I pack it and now once I open it to use it I found dat the pressure in it is very low and the agent told me he cant fix ot cz der is no technician but this suitable from a company such as philps cz no one will trust u anymore cz ur servive is very bad , what I v to do??

darine Read More
12/16/2013 Avent Philips - Never ever buy anything from this company. I
Never ever buy anything from this company. I brought my daughter a pacifier at Babies R. US almost 2 weeks again. Its supposed to glow in the dark. It stop glowing 2 weeks later. I called customer service ( a joke in its self). They wouldn't replace it.How the heck you make a products that you don't honor. I could have went to other companies for my purchase. , but I wasted my money onyou. Never ever again. HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE. ! I KNOW IM JUST ONE PERSON BUT EVERy MOTHER OR SOON TO BE PARENT. I going make sure I tell them not to purchase your product.I ALSO BE POSTING ON MY FB PAGE.

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12/6/2013 Avent Philips - Avent 3 in 1 bottle sterlizer couple problems with scaling
i bought avent 3 in 1 bottle sterlizer couple of months back had to replace because of scaling on the heating pad ..... again the same problem occurred ... this time after registering the complaint for 10 days no feedback from the companys side ... i had to do the follow up again n again & still i get the reply that it will be done tomorrow..... i guess no one should think of buying avents product as you have do the follow up ....no one wants to take chance with their new born babies health.

Dhiren Read More
8/29/2013 I am looking for the phone number for Avent Philips
Please supply phone number on all websites I would like to know where to purchase lids for baby bottles I have two broken thanks FLORRIE

Florrie Read More
8/21/2013 Avent Philips - how do I use the Phillips/Advent electric warmer to keep milk warm?
hi i want to know how to use electric warmer to keep milk warm

farooq Read More
6/21/2013 Avent Philips - This phone number is correct. I called because I
This phone number is correct. I called because I purchased some bottles, and the numbers were coming off of the outside after only 2 months, making it hard for me to see the measurements when making formula. The representative was very polite and is sending me replacement bottles in the mail, along with labels to return the defective bottles. Great customer service!

Aubri Read More
3/15/2013 Avent Philips Bottle Leaks! Help
The bottles leak. Im pissed. Im broke. Thanks slot for making cheap crap. I want my money back!

sarah Read More
2/16/2013 Avent Philips - I would have to say that i am going to buy the
I would have to say that i am going to buy the competition tomorrow because this is the worst $60 I have ever spent.
The bottle leaks when you pump and the seal is horrible! Milk gets caught inside which makes it suction less efficient.

Literally worst money I have ever spent! I will try the Medela or Ameda...I have heard better information from my friends on these....wish I had done my research prior but was swayed by the customer service rep at Babies r us.

Christine Read More
1/28/2013 Avent Philips - Up till now, been really Happy with Avent, got my
Up till now, been really Happy with Avent, got my baby's feeders, breast pump n even dummies from Avent but then.....I purchased avent teats for my 6 months old baby a month ago n one of them s already damaged on the side, noticed it yesterday while washing my baby's bottle. My baby hasn't got any teeth n he doesn't chew his bottle teat.
I am totally gutted. Cant afford to spend more money again
Really disappointed with Avent now.

Nainah Read More
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